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Well I surely do read and write a lot, that is as much as I get the time. I enjoy drawing the characters from my stories, yet I believe that drawing comics is something else. I lack the practice, if not the talent. Which is why I am looking for an artist who'd be interested in a joint project.
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All for cool, bloodthirsty vampires!
February 3rd, 2015
»Au contraire« in the first panel, translated into »on the contrary«. ;)
January 24th, 2015
The delusion is that someone who means something to a women should be able to order her around disguised as care.
@jimplex: I still have about a decade until 40, so you have at least one exception. ;)
AND I believe anyone with very basic knowledge of metal should get the humour? ...or at least hope so.

I get that feeling with kids too, esp with older kids, but it is mostly the feeling that they are in so much rush to grow up so that they forget about being children at all.
I also find it scary how most of them learn nothing useful at all in school...
@MilkyTea: The question is, why would she expect him to? It was the same thing with the mask, she wanted to believe herself that he was someone she wanted him to be. I'd say she is even more so the victim of her own illusions than of his deceit. It is the same in real life, a great deal of the times people are deceived, it is because of their own illusions... of course there are then people taking advantage of that, no doubt, but we could not claim to be of no fault in the matter.
@kineko: You know how children are, growing up and all. ;)
@MilkyTea @Visitor:
He did take advantage of her misfortune, but he also gave her the chance to get out of it without compensations. Chris herself decided to stay, and that she was »meant for greatness«, it was the illusion of being what she was not, or the desire to make believe that led to her depending on the fair once again. Her desperation and misfortune were on her own account, at least after the first time.
@kineko: I do not know about others, but the last panel was one to make me pause shortly and take it in, emotionally and visually. So on my part I could say job well done.

I do enjoy your narrative of the story so far, as well as the relationships between the dolls, Mojo as a young and curious entity, etc. etc.
@whutnani: Then surprise me.
@jimplex: I did not go through all the comments but your stuff in general should not be that hard to understand! ...esp. with both bands being so famous and ancient.

I like your humour.
Maiden as a "nicer" Slayer gave me a good laugh.
That does look familiar.
January 13th, 2015
@Iru: I believe it is important to show the cruelty of war and not to romanticise it, not even in a romantic story. There is a mythical illusion of winners and losers in a war, which only applies to the politicians and warfare industries in real life. As a child of war let me tell you: no people wins a war, everyone loses something or someone dear and the time afterwards is not gentle on any side either.
The cruelty of war is way more powerful than the side history decides to mark as the winner, good guys, etc. The vision of war heroes is but an illusion and the sooner we get over it, the sooner we as humankind have a chance of no longer buying into the whole war business crap the politicians sell us at very high price.
January 12th, 2015
I like it how you consider typical mistakes Germans make while speaking English.
January 12th, 2015
2nd/3rd panel 《Aber ich glaube fest daran,...》
5th 《Wer weiss...》

January 12th, 2015
With the sign I was reminded of how two of the remaining bombs were dismantled the past month in Potsdam, something happening not as seldom as one would like to
... horrible how the ghost of a war which had ended about 7 decades ago still haunts us and humanity has not yet reached a point of looking beyond the profit of war...
I like how natural her breasts look.
Exactly the catch with morality.
Powerful moment there.
So badass warrior does not think of something as important as food?