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I agree that if the comic ends is should involve everyone. If that does happen everyone should also make sure there personal plot thread is over two so there are no loose ends.
He's got a point Ani. No offence but you don't really seem the Disney type. How'd you find KH in the first place?
Heh, this'll annoy Hex.
There was a battle? I'm sorry, I should really read things more carefully, I honestly didn't realise.
Technically lightning is air. It's caused by air molecules rubbing against each other and gaining a charge.
Just me finally getting round to taking care of a couple of loose ends and a point that I'm partly responsible for.
You're right, I am just fed up of people interupting my fights. Just for once, I realised that the game the comic is based on had a feature that did just that. So, do me a favour and shut up. I planned on ending the fight next page anyway.
Any time would be a bad time for him to jump back in. Hex conjured a barrier back at the start of the fight, like most villains in KH2 do to keep the fight private.
Updated Sprites are here.
Heh, a Powerpuff Girls sprite as a base. That's a new one.

Not that i have anything against them, PPGD is an awesome comic.
Actually, that's just the names of Organization 13. They add the X to their name as a mark of brotherhood.
The cloak kinda looks like it's covered in blood.
Level eh? Well she's level... something... I'll get back to you on that.

She works for the third so she can't be too low.
Clarification, Zaaku was just knocked backwards. Unfortunately, there was a portal in the way, which is now blocked by a temporary barrier for the fight.

(In progress. Most of her attacks still aren't sprited.)
Though for the record, she's not based on the mediums from Pheonix Wright, more on the style of Madame Leota.
Dangit, knew I should have changed the frame style ¬¬
I'm Dagger, Crystal's Chain.
I'm back. Thankfully I now have most of the personal issues that were bothering me at the time sort of resolved so here I am again.

Sorry for what I've done in the past but hey, screw the past I have the future.
Stop... but... *indignant splutter* I only referenced WoW to show it wasn't god modding.

There's no pleasing some people.
The puppet was reflective. Like the crystal basilisk in WoW.

Yes, for once I know it isn't godmodding as I based it on an actual function from a real game.