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Whats up my friends its SSJayiela! I love to read and write, and of course draw. I love creating stories and sharing with a few listening ears.

I spend most of my days working my ass off, and most of the night drawing my ass off.

Currently, I'm working on multiple projects, and I hope to become a professional in the near future! you can find me here:

Feel free to talk to me; I don't bite! ;D
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final page.
this is it. hope you enjoyed!
d'awww. one more to go!
@seo pack: You are very welcome :)
here's page 2! :)
Here's page 1! enjoy!

thank you for reading.
heehee i look forward to more ~_~ its been long time since i've caught up with this; finally got a chance! :)
one more to go!
almost done!
Sooo sorry i've been so slow! Some crazy life happenings have been going on... but i'm almost finished!
@jonasfx: Right into hot lava sounds about accurate! ;w;
finally the next page XP i'm gonna try to finish this fast!
your comic is adorable! *w*
so sorry update took so long! changed a lot of things; first pages i was not happy with, hopefully this one is stronger!
@Shiuze: Thank you very much :3 and thank you for taking a look!
So here's page two... i'm not happy with using so much tones, so next page will have more line work... ^^;
I hope despite this, you keep reading to find out what happens...
@sakuradance54: Thank you! ~_~ I had lots of fun with tones <3
Your art keeps improving so much ^^ <3 I love it!
aw~ little shorty <3
your art is quite cute ;)