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finally. good to hear that you will continue.

i'm looking forward to the new strips^^
Cadavera: its from the "new" (well at the time this one was made it was just the public demo^^) C&C3 Tiberium Wars (

well, im surprised that there are no other guest comics send in, but since i finally have my new pc and will probably play c&c3 for a while i might come up with a few new ideas for some comics^^
wow, thanks for posting it^^

we (it was some kind of cooperation between me and my brother, unfortunately my pc isn’t fast enough to run c&c3 on a moderate quality^^) made this one a while ago, around the time the c&c3 demo was released and BTY was on a hold for some time.
i hope some more will follow this example, so BTY can survive until its officially continued.