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@Tailslover13: I've always liked ET, and realized that what he did by touching Yessi and treating her like an object was wrong. Gee, I wonder why people may not have liked he treated Yessi as an object and was touching her even when she is VISIBLY UNCOMFORTABLE, and had been coerced after stating "no" several panels before. Nolaa even states how it was wrong for ET to treat Yessi like an object instead of a human being. I even stated that I was glad he recognized it and apologized, but also recognize that Yessi may still have a little resentment over him doing that in the first place.

Relevant comics:

Also with Deimos, how is activating your powers by accident, evil? Not to mention he dropped out of the challenge to correct his mistake with help from Ernest. Again, how is that evil? Wouldn't someone evil stay in the challenge letting his evilized minions terrorize the remaining castaways. Like this ridiculous that you refuse to acknowledge this happened at all.

Relevant comic:

I do read what you write, and it really does seem like seem that you're not reading the season wholly, or just selectively remembering events from the season. This is why I'm bringing up most of this is for you to acknowledge these events happened. I'm showing you that you might be wrong in these instances. Even stuff like giving you the link to Ernest's bio by Sigilyph and links to what symptoms manifest in PTSD sufferers to give context on why this person couldn't be a season-long presence or was actively avoiding the subject of her trauma, was to make you go "this makes sense why SWSU did X, Y, and Z".
@Tailslover13: Technically there could be alternate timelines. Shin literally states that Kasai is a previous Shin, and implies this has happened quite a lot in order for Kasai to know what will happen. Hence each Kasai, except for the first cycle, is the previous Shin that didn't achieve a perfect game. A new Shin has to reappear in order to fill that role.

Granted this, too, could be more like Back to the Future, where Kasai won't immediately disappear, similar to Marty after inadvertently breaking up his parents in 1955, causing him to not exist.

Also, remember Shin was obsessed with a perfect game. He literally stated and it was shown during the Final 4 that he liked doing thinks on his own terms rather than cheating. Yes it's late to the party, but it's better late than never.

I assume the ET stuff you're referring to has to be when he was inappropriately Yessi. Yes people are going to take it the wrong way. Touching someone when they literally say "NO" and then coerced into doing so is wrong. I am glad that ET did apologize to Yessi, and she accepted ET's apology, but I wouldn't be surprised if Yessi still had some resentment toward ET for basically objectifying and battering her (battery is the criminal offense of unlawful contact, FYI), similar to Sue and Richard from All-Stars. They may've amends following the end of the season, but didn't sit next to each other at the reunion. Honestly it really pisses me the fuck off that you're making seem like what ET did to Yessi was merely trivial, that you're saying ET did nothing wrong in the first place, or you don't realize the seriousness of what ET actually did.

Do you have actual citation of SWSU getting burnt out over the toxicity? I kind of feel like you might be pulling this out of your ass and projecting some of your thoughts onto SWSU.

I find it really hypocritical for you to state how others were bashing ET, Atlas, Sagittaria, Clarissa, and Kistunie, when you did the same to Deimos throughout the season. You never actually gave him a chance, basically calling him evil after learning what he did and that he wanted to atone after merging with his brother. You even willfully ignored him attempting to correct what he did at the Day 15 Immunity Challenge after accidentally unleashing his powers, just so you could go "I called it".

Finally, I find it amazing that you do acknowledge that you yourself have toxic behavior and are supposedly working on them, but immediately shift the blame on everyone else as well. I've been nothing but attempting to be civil with you this entire time, except for "He also sided with Kitsunie, that should tell you a bit more about Tails." If you really want to change, you certainly need to learn that criticism does not equal an attack. Like it wouldn't kill you to said "I might be wrong about Deimos being evil" or "I might be wrong that Ria's PTSD caused her to avoid talking about the subject to Sagittaria". You might be proud, but don't get set in your own ways doing so.
Seems like Frysk surpassed Neleh's record for not playing the game, finally playing the game on Day 36. He ain't gonna win though, unless there's a surprise Final 2 and he's against Sagittaria (who probably ain't gonna win), but that would be like a hypothetical Kass/Woo Final 2. Yessi is definitely up there to win followed by Shin and ET.
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: I'd say more Ben Driebergen Institute. Chris still had to reenter the game.
@Tailslover13: First off, nope. I do have the right to reply to you. Honestly most of the time was more or less forcing you to see your ignorance. Like acting like Kitsunie was the perfect angel, ignoring how he made his tribe toxic or his hand in forcing Yessi to let ET touch her or immediately bashing Deimos for accidentally unleashing his powers and acting as if he was still the evil warmaonger he once was, despite the fact his actions after said event were the complete opposite of what someone evil would do. I'm certainly not trying to say you can't like or dislike a character, but it's the equivalent of saying like DIO from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure did nothing wrong and is a perfect angel, and ignoring all the murder and villainy he's done or saying Vegeta from DragonBall is still an evil warmonger despite having gone through a redemption arc.

Second, fucking yes PTSD has to fucking do with Ria not wanting to talk about her trauma, even if it is to her younger self. People with PTSD have a tendency to avoid thoughts about the event that traumatized them. This is why I find you a hypocrite, and it's clear you really don't know about PTSD at all. And before you accuse me of lying or attacking you, I'll link some sources at the end of this for you to read about PTSD.

Third, I said I understand why people hate Atlas, not that I agree that I hate Atlas. Atlas is a good person, I do like him, and I get his struggle (my memory sometimes isn't the greatest), but I still see that he was kind of a plot device to get some people out. You can still like something and criticize it. Also, just because a piece of media covers a serious topic doesn't mean you can't dislike and/or criticize how the piece of media portrays it.

Finally, the turrets/Tourette's thing was a joke. (Fuck I even made a reference to the "IF I HAD ONE" meme if that didn't clue you in.)

Some PTSD reading:
National Institute of Mental Health: tml


US Dept. of Veteran's Affairs:

Mayo Clinic: oms-causes/syc-20355967

American Psychiatric Association:
@Tailslover13: Honestly, I kind of find that last paragraph of yours to be hypocritical, given that you didn't/couldn't put your self in Ria's shoes over lettergate. You basically called her being petty by not telling Sagittaria over something that clearly traumatized Ria severely. Seriously, some people with PTSD are going to avoid talking about the trauma out of fear for reliving it.

Also, I kind of understand hating Atlas over the whole amnesia thing. It's a extremely common plot device in fiction, and Atlas really isn't much of an exception.

Also, I'd definitely make fun of Wendy's turrets if she had one, but not her Tourette's.
@Tailslover13: No we wouldn't have had a better story with Nayla, since the only storylines I foresee is her continuing to be a static bitch character or following her journey about her being trans. Given that Sigilyph's backstory for the character makes it clear that Nayla figures herself as being trans after going to prison for aggravated robbery, the former is more likely. And before you claim I'm making that up, I found Ernest/Nayla's backstory a while back (I wanted to know if they were references to a band/artist/album/song, like most of JoJo's characters are). Here's the link:

Going back to her potential storylines, Nayla being a static bitch character would've gotten old an repetitive fast. Following her journey on finding out she's trans would conflict with the backstory Sigilyph wrote, which you of all people should know SWSU follows to the letter what he can't portray with submitted characters. The latter storyline would probably get you to hate Nayla, since she would be growing into a character you hate.
Indestructibly must fucking suck without the inability to feel pain.
@Tailslover13: It's like Kitsunie is some flawed individual or something. Crazy I know.
@Not Guest the 2nd: There are about 720 possibilities for the combination.
@Gordon Guesterson: I wouldn't be surprised, especially since Deimos stated that his power worked on those who "are not considered the enemy", i.e. his allies. Kasai was noticeably the only one unaffected (check Kasai's sclerae, pupils, and speech bubbles in comparison to ET, Saggitaria, and Ria's), despite being in close proximity of Deimos's powers when they went off.
Kasai, the true chaotic evil of the season.
@Tailslover13: Because he clearly thought he had control over his powers by keeping his anger in check and that he wouldn't harm someone. Again, he's not the first person in fiction to have issues with emotions influencing superpowers. Again I'll cite Hulk and Storm with similar issues with their powers. Yeah knowing his powers put people at risk and realizing that he doesn't have his emotions under control likely factored into that decision.

Also if Deimos was as "awful" as Kitsunie pointed out, why the fuck would Deimos attempt to reverse his powers and want to quit the game? If he was as awful as Kitsunie pointed out, he would've left ET, Saggitaria and Ria run wild at the challenge site, ignoring them and continuing on with the challenge. I seriously don't get how fucking dense you are over this.
Where's Professor X when you need him?
@Tailslover13: The dude fucking left the challenge area to restrain ET, Saggitaria, and Ria. If he hadn't changed, he'd easily would've left ET, Saggitaria, and Ria to attack the others, and continue on with the challenge.

Also, Deimos sure as fuck ain't the first character in fiction to have their powers be dictated by their emotions. Hulk and Storm easily come to mind. The former, you're definitely going to be eating a building, and the latter, she'll rock you with a hurricane.
@Tailslover13: Probably not that it matters, anyway, since you're likely not going to read this, but you're right, I don't know you personally, however I've been following this comic for years. I'm well aware of your temper tantrums when people didn't like Artemis in SFC11 nor when she didn't win. (And yeah, I'll admit there were some assholes, but you also didn't need to white knight for your OC.) Not to mention you getting peeved during SFC for not immediately liking Josh. Learning about how you basically kneecapped Josh didn't sit well with me either, which kinda told me you hate. You basically confirmed this a week ago, despite admitting to your flaws, you admin that "My life is a mess, and no matter how hard I try to make it not be a mess, I doubt things will ever change. They haven’t in 28 years, after all." This is something I take issue with, that despite admitting to yourself your issues you don't seem to want to actually change. (Hell I don't even recall you apologizing to SWSU after the whole Artemis incident either. If it was done, then it was likely done in private or elsewhere.)

However with Kitsunie, you state when he's voted out "Like, nothing he said or did was unreasonable or wrong." Not to mention rating him perfection. This is my issue is that you basically ignore his flaws, acting as if he could do no wrong (much like Artemis and Josh beforehand, and similar to Clarissa now). You can certainly like a character, but you also need to recognize their flaws as well. For example, you completely ignore Kitusnie pressuring Yessi into letting ET touch her, despite verbally telling them no after Kitusnie suggests it. Had he not done that, ET would've never touched Yessi. Not to mention if actually cared about her, he would've recognized how uncomfortable she was in that situation instead of laughing it off, stating "how she'll come out of her shell." (ET should've had the wherewithal to recognize Yessi was not comfortable with this either, but at least he now knows that he's treated Yessi terribly.)

As far as Kitusine judging people, he was doing so before actually to getting to know or even seeing their actions, assuming Deimos, Saggitaria, and Frysk were military fascists. Once he learned that Deimos was a warmonger, the whole Sprinkles machete incident, and Frysk preventing him from getting an idol, it served as confirmation bias that these people were military fascists all along. The only time I actually agreed with Kitunsie not liking someone was Claire, because she attempted to act like Nayla's shoulder despite having little to no interaction before hand.

Deimos was (not is) a warmonger and Saggitaria admits to not being sure if she's killed anyone at the Day 3 TC. People are very likely not to approve of Deimos slaughtering people. However people approving of Saggitaria potentially killing kidnappers of children is more likely, since she's saving lives. If someone went "Deimos is literal perfection and his actions and words are completely justified" and completely ignored him being a former warmonger, then I'd have an issue with that, too.

Finally, you are correct that you are allowed to state what you want, however people are certainly allowed to criticize you for what you say. I've done so, such as the Day 8 TC. There some assholes, not going to lie, but you can't constantly treat everyone who responds to you as a troll.
@Guest: He also sided with Kitsunie, that should tell you a bit more about Tails.
@Tailslover13: Sparring isn't assault, since you know, both parties agreed to the fight.
@Tailslover13: Cleansing as in "getting rid of the toxic people". Exactly how dense are you?

Kitsunie and Nayla were not targeting the others for "personal reasons". They were targeting people like Sagittaria and Deimos for being supposedly "fascist", based on their appearances, without actually you know, getting to know them, instead relying on confirmation bias. Seriously Kitsunie has very little interaction with Sagittaria before the Sprinkles incident, which is what "confirmed" her being a military fascist to Kitsunie. He even outright states this on Day 2, Fighting for a Cause. Even by that comic, he even lumps Deimos as a "fascist" long before learning his backstory. Oh, and let's not forget Kitsunie pressuring Yessi into allow ET to touch her, even though she outright states "No" to him, and is still shown to not like being touched by ET.

As for Nayla, let's see, we have her threatening ET after P Body's first Tribal, intimidating Claire on Day 4 (and yes Nayla has the right to be angry with Claire, since it was Nayla's personal business, however Nayla didn't need to intimidate Claire to get that point across), harassing Sagitarra and Claire as they're searching for the idol, and getting pissed at the tribe (sans Yessi) for lying to her and blindsiding Kitsunie.

Yeah, let a pair of toxic people living around camp sounds great. But seriously name anything that any one of the heroes comes close to what Kistunie and Nayla have done.

I'd honestly expect someone who's nearly 30 to have some actual critical thinking skills, not act like a self-righteous 13-year-old teenager.
Who knew in a game where people lie, people will lie to you? Let me get my smallest violin to play for Nayla.