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@Tailslover13: Cleansing as in "getting rid of the toxic people". Exactly how dense are you?

Kitsunie and Nayla were not targeting the others for "personal reasons". They were targeting people like Sagittaria and Deimos for being supposedly "fascist", based on their appearances, without actually you know, getting to know them, instead relying on confirmation bias. Seriously Kitsunie has very little interaction with Sagittaria before the Sprinkles incident, which is what "confirmed" her being a military fascist to Kitsunie. He even outright states this on Day 2, Fighting for a Cause. Even by that comic, he even lumps Deimos as a "fascist" long before learning his backstory. Oh, and let's not forget Kitsunie pressuring Yessi into allow ET to touch her, even though she outright states "No" to him, and is still shown to not like being touched by ET.

As for Nayla, let's see, we have her threatening ET after P Body's first Tribal, intimidating Claire on Day 4 (and yes Nayla has the right to be angry with Claire, since it was Nayla's personal business, however Nayla didn't need to intimidate Claire to get that point across), harassing Sagitarra and Claire as they're searching for the idol, and getting pissed at the tribe (sans Yessi) for lying to her and blindsiding Kitsunie.

Yeah, let a pair of toxic people living around camp sounds great. But seriously name anything that any one of the heroes comes close to what Kistunie and Nayla have done.

I'd honestly expect someone who's nearly 30 to have some actual critical thinking skills, not act like a self-righteous 13-year-old teenager.
Who knew in a game where people lie, people will lie to you? Let me get my smallest violin to play for Nayla.
@Tailslover13: I can at least understand disliking or distrusting Deimos, since I would find it difficult myself to make friends with a supposedly reformed warmonger, but should at least given him a chance if Deimos is reformed or not, since people can change.

However Kistunie made up his mind on Sagittaria being a military asshole shortly after Sprinkles cried to him about Sagittaria yelling at Sprinkles for dangerously playing with a machete. Also, the only other time the two interacted before that incident was disagreeing over actually building a shelter since they're indoors.

Nobody had an issue with ET and Kistunie touching each other, since it was clearly consensual and mutual. The issue was Yessi, despite verbally stating "No...No thank you" and looking uncomfortable while ET was touching her. Kitsunie, though, was the one that told her it would be fun for ET to touch her. He even states that it "wasn't so bad" afterward. I'm sorry but if someone verbally states "No" to something like that, is convinced to go through it anyway, and is still uncomfortable, it's fucking disgusting.
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: Kitsunie seems like his blog would be on Tumblr.
Now you're thinking with portals.
@Rac567 : You probably might want to read the notes, but Josh's creator didn't want him to get over his self-esteem issues during the season.
Congrats to Ollie. He definitely deserved it. Kinda surprised Josh got second, but Jenny really shot herself in the foot at the FTC.
While I'd prefer Josh to leave, as I feel like he doesn't deserve to be at the FTC, there's no denying that he's a goat.

Knowing Jenny, she'd get rid of Mele, as Raiza the only person that respects Josh as a player, and Ollie has pissed a fair amount of jurors off.
Jeff's probably having a heart attack over that idol.
Damn, that was the best blindside ever.
Dammit, I was rooting for Slash to make further.
The one twist I'm not a fan of.
Holy shit, Ollie actually did something.
Hopefully this will be the end of Amadeus.

Plus the Shantalune Gym web maze was a neat reference.
@DrMarble: I think in the first two games, most of the animatronics don't start roaming the pizzeria until Night 2, as Night 1 is typically a tutorial night, with only one animatronic roaming around.
Absolutely love that we'll be going to Alola. I'm assuming that we'll likely be on Poni Island, as it's less developed than the other three islands.

Also love that the Tribal Council area is modeled after Megalo Tower.
@Tailslover13: SWSU's pretty much the only one working on these, something's bound to slip through the cracks.