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Dammit, I was rooting for Slash to make further.
The one twist I'm not a fan of.
Holy shit, Ollie actually did something.
Hopefully this will be the end of Amadeus.

Plus the Shantalune Gym web maze was a neat reference.
@DrMarble: I think in the first two games, most of the animatronics don't start roaming the pizzeria until Night 2, as Night 1 is typically a tutorial night, with only one animatronic roaming around.
Absolutely love that we'll be going to Alola. I'm assuming that we'll likely be on Poni Island, as it's less developed than the other three islands.

Also love that the Tribal Council area is modeled after Megalo Tower.
@Tailslover13: SWSU's pretty much the only one working on these, something's bound to slip through the cracks.
@Tailslover13: Pretty sure the reason he's tied up is to prevent him from satisfying his hunger on another person.
Cue Lake or Brandi returning because "You voted out your daughter/father".
This got Fifty Shades really quickly.
@DryIceBros: Probably tied him up before the transformation.
Vinnie looks like he's ready to rampage.
Welp, Vinnie will certainly do a 180 on Brandi soon.
Please, God, let it be Rosella.