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I'm an Otaku. I love manga and anime of any kind, if it has any decent plot. I love to read lots of books.
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お帰りなさい(Welcome Back).
I can just imagine Luca saying his name as it is the most important name in the world (or universe in this case).
I love Chris's face in the second panel. Its priceless. He went from "what the.." to "ahh, its cute" to "fuck, yes".
Cool, an early birthday present.
July 4th, 2016
Welcome back
Xander burrito!
Oh shit, the other twin. I think things are slowly going to get even more messy.
I'm not sure if its from my side, but when I went to the website, I get internal server error.
lol...ahh, the innocence of a rich boy misguided choices. Lol ;)
Better question, how can he afford it.
I'm not the only one drolling here. ;)
March 26th, 2016
Yeah, there is a bit of a color change on the guitar. But all is good. We get to see a jealous Kris. XP
Love that line
"Tiamat who, though very nice, was a gaint weirdo..." I love that line.
Goodbye Daimen, I knew you well.
Turn around right now, you forgot your keys in the car.
January 12th, 2016
HAHAHA!! That is awesome. Kaze, baka.
Is this going to be like his dream?
March 17th, 2013
looks like a vampire rabbit.
I didn't see that coming.
get well
Hope you alright and get well. Don't worry, we won't fret over you being late on updates; we will be patience.