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That's the end?! He died T.T
What a great comic. I've really enjoyed reading this, which feels like a life time ago that it started!! Well done on getting to the end and I look forward to reading something else by you :)
Wait I didn't sign up for him to die! This is pre death montage shinanagins!!
:O he's young?! I knew it!! I knew he had to be young, or the power of youth keeps him fresh XD
Aw they said sorry <3

In retrospect I think they were as bad as each other.
Oh wow this is getting tense and so emosh. I feel bad for him!
Oh my goodness, I wasn't expecting all this emotion, like proper emotion!
Oh here it is! The final countdoooown!
I would love to read the Q&A!!
The side glance though.
I have enjoyed the king as a character too :)
Please don't torture him, I hate seeing that stuff! :S
I am loving Atty's brows on this page XD
She nay have just saved herself a bollocking with all those compliments!
Lol Courts rushing for his movie moment!
Oh the king got me good with that last line 'good show, good show!' XDD excellent.
I wouldn't be able to draw under either of those circumstances either XD
George its unnerving having people watch you make art, I dunno why it just is.

LOOOOl look at that Drowzee working it for every penny XDD
We'll see how you feel when he doesn't give those Poke'mon back XDD
Lol 'well shit'. Come on Ian why would she just tell you something that seems to be so secretive about our little Court? She didn't seem to like you even before you were dating him XD
April 23rd, 2018
Screw your ambiguity Irena Explain yoself! I must know of your unrequited love!! XD
What a rare breed of artist he is XD

I'm glad he said it, and although I am not the BEST artist there is if there is art work in a gallery or something, it does hurt to gaze upon it and I am often not quiet about how I feel, glad I am not the only one XD
Sounds like a solid plan, unless they got all that art work for free...
I dig professor Atty.
@MK_Wizard: Hmm well yes you do raise some interesting points!
@MK_Wizard: I feel like its more because he's not only been brought up in this atmosphere where his parents and them before them also acted this way, but he's also the king and also has a sort of manner and faced he has to keep up, also someone has to be more calm XD

I have faith that he cares otherwise surely he wouldn't of tried so hard to get him back and been so annoyed to begin with?
Oh MY. I've just had a quick re-read and there's a lot of shit I forgot that was mentioned XD. Plus those scenes with rumple and chris talking/debating/arguing are so good!

I have to say that I do like the king. She needs a firm partner that will be like 'stop horsing around and just be quiet' XD
I get it, he's not the most NICEST guy and I'll give him a little benefit of the doubt in that he has a lot of pressure of king stuff, and people hating his family from previous leaders etc. but being married to her he must have the patience of an angel a lot of the time. Anyway, yeah. I like him for the character that he plays, he's not a total villain, but he's also not the nicest guy you'll ever meet and he does seem to care about Christine and their son.