Aw she's so supportive. What a great friend character :3
Court might make a mistake but hopefully it won't be a huge one, you know full on fight someone, but more I 'hit this guy too hard accidentally' type thing.
I was starting to miss Mr. HotEarings ;)
His hair looks like its undergone a revamp in his absence.
@00Stevo: Oh yes! That's so true! I didn't even think of it!
August 7th, 2017
Deffo dad, no doubt in my mind! It has to be!

Names previously mentioned *feels fan shame* because I cannot remember any of those XD
August 7th, 2017
Either dad grave or person he accidentally beat the shit of one time. Those are my bets!

Or maybe a friend they once had in their twosome? Hmm.
August 7th, 2017
Pfft maybe more did happen speech bubble aye! XP
I'm glad he's going for it! Ya never know till you try! :D

I'm gutted I couldn't go to that! I saw your name on the list and was well up for coming to see you!
:O She's tied up!! I wasn't expecting that. Poor girl I wonder how long she's been down there? :( at least it doesn't look like she's been tortured... Well psychically anyway.
That face is me trying to read from afar when I'm out without my specs.
I need your light to get me through this f'ing cave!! >.<! (if its the one I think it is). I didn't get the light/flame power whatever it was called so I had to do it in the dark, with (thankfully) the use of the internet XDDD
Lol 'wrestle him to the ground' XD
Hopefully he's not about to get a boot in the face!
Oh my! All hell has broken loose!! I gotta be honest I wasn't expecting it to get this extreme!
Court put some clothes on! You're too young for me to see you like this >////<! XDD

Ugh hungover? Screw having a shower I'd sleep the day away T.T
I'd say give it another try. It could be that final push to get the motivation to really want to change yourself for the better :)
I was going to say that bull looks bat shit crazy. You did a good job!
Oh man this just keeps getting more and more worse!
Wonderful colouring!
Oh shit just throwing that out there. That's quite the burn Court ;) but someone had to say it!

Oh so you act as well as draw? That's pretty cool :)
XDD She ruined now all I can see is underage Toby jacking off DX

I've heard good things about brush pens. Haven't managed to get any myself yet :)
I wonder if they underlined 'one' on purpose to really emphasise the coming on your own XD

Enjoy your break!
Lol he's either selling his body or weed. I really like the shot though.