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February 23rd, 2018
Ooooh and with that a bridge was burned and swept away to the bottom of the ocean.
Sounds like she had faith that he would choose her afterwards which is further saddening :(

Shame it took Ian so long that by the time he finally got around to saying anything she was pretty much done with him anyway. They could of had a friendship or something after :S
February 23rd, 2018
Well good for Amiliah (am I spelling that right?) for being up front about it. He should feel guilty about how obvious it was. Its a shame she had to live with that for however long though, I can't imagine that it felt nice :(
I love that Rumple is giving heartfelt advice while swinging face down in the dirt XD
Oh Toby don't end up being actually dead but your body is being controlled with some kind of magic keeping you alive! :S
February 5th, 2018
Good for you Court for not going all out and then saying how you feel but for having the power to do it beforehand in such an intimate moment. I know that may sound patronising but as from experience with me and I'm sure some others, its easy to get caught up in your own feelings and this world that you've built were you assume the other person is giving back all of them to find out that they aren't after you tell them how you feel. I also feel that Ian really needed to hear that, whether he chooses Court or not, or even chooses to be single A CHOICE needs to be made before it goes too far.
I wish I could do backgrounds like you! XD
Lol Toby's just gained all the trophies!
Is he going to rip into whomever drew that and get his own back? Or he going to follow this brewing 'downward spiral' (as I like to call a good Depress sesh) and this be the last straw before he flips his shizzle or something. I find it hard to predict what you or Atty is gonna do XD
January 27th, 2018
Ho boy! *fans self* I didn't expect the kiss to have THAT much sexual tension, Court when IN 100%.
January 27th, 2018
As much as I wouldn't mind seeing you guys kiss right now, just like don't! Its a precarious moment right now!
Oooh I see, they're THOSE kind of pet owners XD

Rat has the best facial expressions. He makes me think of Tweek from south Park XD
Lol Atty's not looking so hot these days either XDD
Toby's so rugged *fans self*

I mean that explains why he's looking a little worse for wear XD
YAAAASSSS dreams really do come true *wipes tear*
I read the over link comment 'ever so tenderly' first and it ruined any drama with that first box slowly caressing his back XDDD
@HVoice: OMG Steve Blum would be the perfect voice for him! I can hear him heavy breathing now XD
Its gotta be Toby! I've been hoping he would make a return. If I get to the end of the story and he is legit KO'd I've got some serious mourning to catch up on.
Ohhh shiiiit. Punch to the face and back of head!
X'D Poor Rat he looks so distressed!
That fountain has me speechless XDD
January 5th, 2018
OOOOh my daaamn!!! So much has happened! I love that conversation between Court and his brother, and I am looking forward to seeing next page reactions for what has just happened!