XDD I love all the conversations happening on this page!
XD Nice try Atty haha

Onwards and upwards, probably hoping to just forget about all this mess!
If you can't get rid of Rocket I guess trying to work with/around them is the next best thing.
Excuse me while I re-envision what Court looks like under that shirt. I mean there's nothing wrong with being slim but now Court's toned and slim *insert flexy arm emoji*

I didn't expect him to be a boxer! I thought he was just a rebel enough to be a good street fighter. That makes him more powerful and more scary when he looses that temper of his.
@James: Its an interesting idea James! It could explain Atty's easiness into to just joining up with Rocket :)
Haha they're gonna look at him with that spear and be like 'fuck these crazy kids' XDD
Surprised they haven't bolted yet!
Oh shit he's got a spear!
Aw I miss seeing his cute little face :(
She's going to kill the cows! Brother must be aware of this by now! XD

Well she warned them!
@H0lyhandgrenade: When we were kids I set my sisters dressing gown on fire while she was wearing it by doing that thing people tell you not to do; playing with matches DX
Woah bet neither of them saw that coming!
Surely he can't be letting him off the hook because Atty's rocket, unless Abel is also Rocket?!
Well there's a surprise!

No need to apologise! I wasn't expecting an explanation I just accepted it as something she could do XD
Lmao. His face. Atty's none fussed face gets me, no matter what he's not happy or just not bothered!
XDD That'd be my face after hoping it was all forgotten!
Aw he gave it back! Thats the right thing to do :)
The book looks cool :) I have my name on the special edition so I shall wait till then!

Oh my is that an original surname perhaps? Before Juvy (I assume). His criminal name! XDD
Or Spencer might just be saying it to tease him about his surname which I'm sure is just 'hunt'. Either way I now have Jared Leto singing 'Night of the Hunter' to me in my head XD
WE KNOW YOU KNOW just DO IT *insert Shia Labouf gif here*
However not tonight bro, ruin her gig she's got going here!
You better sort your shit together IAN!
Just don't break up with her drunk at a party... Or whatever this event is I forgots XD
Lol my sister calls me 'She-Hulk' XD
I would of had to of said something too. I know she's been asked not to but come on after spending two hours hearing about Ian being Milly's boyfriend I'd have to say something for Court and Milly's sake.
@The_mad_one: ... If he was alive though