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XDD that's me after nearly every film I watch!
It'll be like playing the game having them both XDD
Oh my goodness how awkward!!
October 6th, 2017
Foreshadowing alert! For Ian's bro for sure. He either died in his own or was the victim of someone else's.
I am excited to see daddy Tanner though!

Classic 'I know how to drive'. Yes so do many court, and yet crashes happen XD
He's just burying him while he's down X'D
September 26th, 2017
Aw I enjoyed this little conversation between them, it has been insightful and sweet :)
I think it would be interesting to see Ian talk to his father, however it depends on the crime... Murder, rape I'm a bit iffy about supporting that father son relationship XDD
Oh I am torn into two! Thad looks ADORABLE laughing like that. However that miss plus Atty's soul crushing face is heartbreaking :(
September 19th, 2017
@EmmaVieceli: Haha agreed!
I think its because I am 50/50 about them two. I love them together but I am suspicious of Ian upsetting Court, so the other half is like =.= 'I'm watching you buddy' =.=
Stop with the sadness! Moképon is sad, Rumple is sad T.T my boys </3

I hope this scene continues in a Toby fashion. I'm interested to see what he did when she went missing :)
September 18th, 2017
Hey, hey, hey! Let Court finish before you smooch him XD
Somethings up, I am suspicious of Ian!
Oh shit not even two minutes!!
Is Atty getting legit angry?! Is he gonna slap Thad. I hope a slap happens XD
@H0lyhandgrenade: :OO how infuriating and sad all at the same time!!
@someone: Nah way its hard might hurt depending on how you threw it :D
<///3 those sad faces.
Throw the Pokéball at him XDD

It would be worth a try, however it depends how greatly I'd fail. My shame at failing badly with Thad's echoing laugh would hurt more than a punch to the face XD
Omg Dragonthing's face at the bottom, how could you even say no to that DX

Atty's been doing pretty well. If this was 15 year old me I would of at least been crying by now.
'snatchgame' he either likes the film or is a 'ladies man'... So to speak. XD
Oooh the threat party is out and Thad's winning, mostly because Atty doesn't really have anything he can throw at the moment XD
September 12th, 2017
Aha Harvey is the brother's name that I totally didn't forget XDD

Again let him speak man! Then if he wants to complain or whatever he can, but you need to hear him out first!! Court could be about to say 'I know its bad, but its really helping me emotionally' etc.

Have fun in Italy! :D
September 12th, 2017
I know you are probably tired of his shit brother Hunt but come on man let him speak first.
When this happens to me I get annoyed and can't even be bothered to continue my asking for help words, or whatever the situation is :/