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It's Mei-chan!~
LOLZ haha typical Mark. but that fence really hurts my eyes >.<"
And that drawing of u.. really looks like u! (i kno wat ur thinking -.- "duuuuuuh")
(Mei) Megaman
OmG Megaman is awesome ^^
the games, i mean.
OH THE AWESOME-NESS! like i said before when you sent it to me, it looks so professional! ^_^" yay.

and come to my future hairdressing shop place thing! friends get 50% off
KYAAA the guy on the left looks SOOO CUUUUUUTE! KYAAA! the guy on the right looks so cute too, but i wish he had a diff colour shirt..
ahaha i thought his wife was a sumo dude at first
AGH i was totally unaware that you made this, why didn't you tell me?!
Ahhh, those were some good times.
and how come you didn't mention my name? =p
haha HEY its Vash! and the guy to the right looks like either Kageto from Yakitate or Rock Lee. and is dat mickey mouse??
OMG OW!! lolz probly most guys who read this will b cringing... *whipering* coz seriously, i mean.. dude, OW. also, y did they settle at only half?
heehee i like the "Mistercardo".
--->i wasn't gona comment, but i'll be nice and comment. well, cya.<---
sadness and sorrow... and loneliness
T.T aww..
Cheapy crap = good
i like the lines, they're really bold and nice.
Dat's perfect the way u drew that guy haha, very original idea.
sorry, even tho it's 7 months late (or 5 months early) HAPPY BRITHDAY!
kool comic too lolz.
I just noticed your advertising MAD-RO!! er.. did i tell you to do that? coz i dont remember.. anyway, thanks. AHHH! no wonder people are coming onto the server! GM-sama will be pleased.
Hey that's the Naruto dvd I lended to you! Hehe, my writing's on it. Kool.
And hey!! i Have the same dictionary as you (Oxford Concise)
I thought..
At first i thought he was facing forward, before i saw his feet.
ah shit i just finished writing a comment then i got disconnected coz KAVINDHA called, so now i hav to write it agen...:
AHAHAH AHAHAHHA AHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHA!!! that's so funny, i think i need a stomach replacement.
After hearing Phi recite pi evryday for a week, i have memorised it myself!

and that's all I remember.