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Noooooo, now I'm sad. :(
And... ESCAPE.
Pai! :(( I'm so sad for you. :'(
Man, if I was Nine I would have gone crazy locked up in that cage.
So, Nine has way more humanity than the doctor does. If the doc was really going to help Pai out, he would have done it before.
Your expressions are so amazing!!!! And, wow, that was a bit of an overreaction on the doctor's part. I wonder if Nine is gonna flip out?
They're going to kill him?? :C I am sad now.
So, I remember you talking about dying from withdrawal, and, like, that asshole just stole the doctor's tranquilizers, so... :(
Ooooh, plot twist. I did not see that coming. :(
No, like, do not inject Nine with anymore shit, Doctor. I'm about to put my disapproving face on rn.
Nine is adorable, and the doctor is a butt. Judgement passed. He is a butt.
I am suspicious... Is the doctor dropping stuff on purpose? Oooooooh, yeah, 'cause how would he not notice?
Wait, omg, they get addicted to the tranquilizers?? Noooo, that's so mean.
Your art is so beautiful!!! I love your style!! :))
Awww, Pai!! I am totally not happy with this. He's literally emaciated. >((
Oh my gosh, the eyes, the eeeeeeyyyeeesss!!! Nine's eyes are gorgeous.
I love how you draw noses and eyes, and, like, everything else too, hahaha.
This is so coooooooool!!! But I don't like everyone's attitude to this guy. Comparing him to a rat is so not cool.
March 27th, 2012
Oh noooo! Poor, innocent, shirtless Cole. Vodka better rescue you before you get your soul eaten or something cray like that.