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I constantly struggle with painful tendinitis of the elbows, therefore I can't keep a regular update schedule. The best I can do is update as often as the pain allows, so please don't write off my comic for late updates.
Art was the best. Only time my schoolwork was actually interesting.

Well, that and dissecting frogs and shit in biology I guess.

And Sex Ed lab. Our school was ahead of its time. Huehuehue
That's a great pic to commemorate her by: she looks like the sort of warmhearted person who loved working with and encouraging kids.

My family sends their condolences to yours.
That's really rough, man. Wish I knew what to say to dull the pain, but even Shakespeare couldn't manage that miracle. My condolences.
@Zimeta08: The art in this is stunning. And the pill-head robot is adorable.
June 21st, 2015
"Damn, she's cute! If only she wasn't a weeaboo...."
"Oh, okay, I'll give you a hint: she has HUGE eyeballs and looks twice her age. Does that help narrow it down?"

Maybe it's cos I'm sleep deprived, but this was pretty damn funny.
You really should get rid of the site's frontpage. It just gets in the way, and makes me have to take an extra step to check out the rest of the comic. Clicking the comic link should take me straight to the latest page with navigation buttons.
This has virtually nothing to do with the game. If you were hoping for a faithful fan comic, turn back now.

Or, y'know, stay and read on. It makes me laugh, anyway.
I feel stupid for not expecting a comic called "Space Girl & I" to be so delightfully absurd so early on.
Panel 2: my new desktop background.
Oh damn, methinks Mr. Jones is a member of La Eme, if that 13 is anything to go by...
> Remove clothes, state that it is a spiritual symbol of repentance for murdering innocents. Resume searching business before anyone asks questions.
This would work well as a sweet-ass album cover if it were colored in. The black "stains" on the letters in the title make it a little difficult to read, but apart from that, I already want to read this comic.
Special foreground appearance by Noah Antwiler of The Spoony Experiment!
I wanna give her all the hugs.
October 7th, 2014
Kurt Vonnegut Jr says: be a sadist! Torment your protagonist to generate reader sympathy.

Still this would be a lot more interesting if we were seeing his story happen. Maybe at least a few visuals in flashback while he talks.
facebook buttons obscure dialogue = bad
The camera looks lifted from another comic...and isn't even filming what's going on...

Otherwise it looks pretty neat so far.
I love how the facebook buttons obscure the lettering.