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Ohgod what do I say about myself?

Well I guess I'm just a someone over here drawing webcomics and stuff. I have a deep passion for webcomics but unfortunately am not very good at actually making them myself. Same goes for my other two passions- cartoons and music. I'm also pretty bad at writing but am less passionate about that. Still, I try to enjoy life and be optimistic~

I hope you enjoy my artwork and stuff!
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    Finn or Finny
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Somewhere a chorus of angels are singing hallelujah UuU,
WOOOOOOOO!! Oh my gosh I missed this comic so much! I'm so happy you're updating it again~!
Oh my god I love this comic so much~ I've been laughing for 50 years at Jock's 'hot stuff' shirt and lizard wife. XD
Are they going to have to kill her? :U
I think Sprite. 8)
Assistant is my spirit animal. XD
Aww yis
So happy this updated~! It looks good, keep at it.
Yeah, I was thinking it took place in some 15th century world but I really like the post-apocalyptic setting too.
I love this. So much. :')
Belinda, you's one foxy mamma~
December 3rd, 2012
Oh shit! This is getting good.
Woo, update!
Man, I know that's just how Sprite is but it seems like he's hitting on Cinder so hard lately. -w-
This is making me happy. Great cover!
Ooo she liiiiikes him~
Let's all play the "who recognizes the Homestuck reference" game~!
But seriously though, thanks for updating. 8)
Leaf got what was coming to it.
Heheh, oh shit's about to go down now!
Kick their asses Alan!
Reply: Oh ok, yeah I actually do live near the mountains. The future looks familiar. 8)

Comment: So, Sanders is married to a pink bunny? That is so freaking awesome. XD
Oh. My GOD.
This comic looks so fricking cool and the style is totally killing me (in a good way). Just, everything is SO perfect.

I am very jealous, and congratulate you on your excellent art. -pats-
Dear sweet lord, an update!
I am so cherishing this right now.
September 27th, 2012
Such chemistry~
Oh dear god, an update! 8')
I missed this comic so much.
Why the hell does the future look like the 13th century? (Just guessing on the century by the way, I don't have time to google it.)
I love all the dead lizards too. XD