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oh shit, I forgot to add puke dick! I'll randomly throw that in the next panel on the next page I post just for you bro.
Oh my god!
Bro, Is that A file of CG of monmusu quest stuff? lmao I can't believe I caught that. Awesome touch putting that in there.
My god, this happens to me in the form of candy wrappers e_e. You know, there wouldn't be such a big mess if they didn't individually wrap my candies, I blame the corporations for my mess.
>Intoxicate guard with smell of piss.
Great Style!
I've been following IDFracture for A while and I love everything about it, Your character progression is awesome and I'm looking forward to what comes next!

Also if you receive any kind of off-putting comments about your new art style, don't listen, it's amazing. It's very stylized and refined, It gives off tons of character. keep with it! :)