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Simon Deku
So, I read Kirby Adventure, 20 Times Kirby, Kirby's Dream Adventure, Channel DDD News, The Eevees, and Pokemon: Mysterious Dungeons. All of them are wonderful comics! I found out about this website when I was browsing through the forums on Brawl in the Family, a comic I've read for a long time. UltimateYoshi posted something, and he had links to his comics there. I clicked on one, and instantly fell in love with his comics! I've frequently read them ever since then. Also, I'm the first fan of Pokemon: Mysterious Dungeons.
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Are Ulti and I the only ones who don't get the reference? =P
Hah! Loved Yoshi's attitude there!
NAVO, you're screwed.
Gigi is so screwed. =P
Kinda an anticlimactic chapter, except for the part with Panee and the katana.
This comic is really great! I can definitely see why it got to 300 comics. The only thing it needs is more Division D ;)
Yay! Satomi in the 2nd row!
Haha, how are they going to hide that thing?
See, THIS is why a hated this Etam dude from the start!
Actually, this is one of the few comics I've enjoyed in this chapter, probably just because it has Division D in it. They really should be in the comic more.
No, Etam, I don't dig. Not at all. Not one bit.
I can't wait to see what comes next!
I really do think this comic has potential. The artwork is really great, and I really like how the story is going. It's actually much better than the actual Mystery Dungeon game, and the game would much improve if it took a step in the direction of this comic.
It's actually quite ironic that this comic is focused on these two Pokemon, because the first time I played Red rescue team, I was a Torchic and my partner was an Eevee. Talk about a coincidence!
I've seen other authors do stuff like this when they reach a big milestone like 100 comics, but you appreciated having fans, not comics, and you took your time to thank every fan you have, and I really appreciate that.
Like I said, I think this comic has a lot of potential, and I can't wait to see what you come up with in the future.
Yeah, like Lololo can do any REAL damage.
SPECIAL ATTACK (takes out block)!
Lololo couldn't move the block! >:3
Oh, so very true. So very true
@Ybrik Etamitlu
Yeah, I'm done with this until you're gone. No exeptions.