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@Takai: I used to agree with you, but then I remembered that Ash was one of the top sixteen best trainers in the Kanto League, and in every League after that he never went below top eight.
This is where Ghetsis is going to injure his arm, isn't it?
Gonna have to second my allegiance to #TeamTreeko. Sorry.
@Lanval: Yeah, that's actually ben bugging me a lot. She just seems so broken in comparison to her last appearance.
I was always too scared to use my dog as a pillow, but I probably would have done it if I hadn't been.
Honestly, after burning down the entirety of the Viridian Forest with a single fire attack, nothing you do will surprise me anymore.
@Liokora: Dude, the way you draw Eevee, I can't even. I have never genuinely wanted to hug a Pokémon that I've seen in one of these comics before, and then all those Eevee showed up.
Wow. The old man really is possessive of his road, isn't he?
I guess it wasn't a Pokémon that's been causing Khan much trouble, but a freshly caught one that Atty may as well have caught five steps to the left certainly counts as well.

@AshFisher: In the case of George appearing, her reaction to him being in Team Rocket has to be forcing him to play out the motto.
I still maintain my belief that the Pokémon in that Pokéball is probably some rubbish thing that Khan really doesn't want.
I am almost one hundred percent sure that the Pokémon in that Pokéball is one that has been causing Khan a lot of grief since he caught it, and he is merely jumping at the chance to be shot of it.
...That is the most brilliant use of Magikarp from an actual trainer that I think I have ever seen.
Well, as long as you give the guy some powerful Pokémon, he can still be rather intimidating despite his general attitude.

Then again, I generally like villains that act as nonchalant about their villainy as he is.
So, the trollish Glaceon decides to give them an explanation without saying anything to make them feel flustered, tells them not to take any missions higher than a D Rank, and then somebody in the same evolutionary line drags them off on a Rank B mission in an area that seems far too quite.

I swear, if this ends up being anything but some ploy that Iris thought up, I will be eating my hat.
I Really Did Have To
I know that this is an old chapter, but I just had to: One does not simply walk into the Cinccino Guild.
It was stated in a previous page that this Gengar's facial expressions looked human, so I think he could be the one from the first games.
I really hope she isn't throwing away her life as a trained pokemon in order to see Patch in the daycare, because that would just be depressing. :\
I like the interesting backstory for Patch even though this story seems to be Mystery Dungeon related. The fact that the (current) main character isn't a human but instead a trainer's pokemon/genetic experiment is really interesting!

Good comic so far! Can't wait to see what happens next!