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I am a meat spice.
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@Guest: Thank you, dear guest! If I can't update this month then next. I had technical probs this month plus a big project to finish. >A<
@AnimeNekoYaoiLover007: Oooh! Then maybe you can cosplay Ross! HA HA! XD Thank you so much!! I'll update it soon. :)
@foggyimage: My pleasure! I am glad that what I want to convey has been delivered. *tangles all heartstrings* *mwahaha!* Thank you!

@aeoncchi: IKR I was surprised myself because I drew it without even thinking. I realized it later on that I made something weird. I'm glad it looked good. >< Thank you!
CHIBI GENDERBENT “Not yours, am I?” Characters

1. Lady!Kaden will be the tomboy, still with the slow mind but insightful heart. She has a knockout fist and body but will never know the importance of a hairbrush. Despite so, she’s popular with girls.
2. Here are Lyle and Ross’ female versions. Not much will change, only that finally Lyle is free to wear skirts in public. Also, I think I saw the girls-going-to-the-WC-together wrongly. There’s still a feeling that Lyla will be using the male urinal. IDK.
3. I see Theron will fully embrace his female form and will be more problematic than his male self. She flirts with more people, with girls as primary target, and will relentlessly tease Ross for still being a virgin.
4. Kyla will definitely be more troublesome than her twin bro, Lyle. She won’t be discreet with her actions, she’ll outright bother Kaden and Lyle.
I obviously had too much fun with the challenge. In any case, better stay put! There will be a NYAI? update tonight!
Colored version will be released on my tumblr (cinnamonrub), facebook (Cinnamon Rub Comics) and my other art galleries soon!

HEHE. Help me out, good people! I'm trying my best to stay social online now. >3< This introvert is doing his best!
I keep forgetting to post my FAQ's on Instagram (meatspice) because I keep missing to take a photo of what I want for it. Anyways, ask away whatever things so I can include it there.*****
Also, just a tip. I noticed that in some manga, they illustrate flashbacks and sometimes even dream sequences with black outer panels. That's what I used here. If aside from that, it is my panel distribution that confused you, feel free to give me a constructive criticism below. I do not have a proofreader and I work on everything myself so I'd appreciate it lots if you can help me out. ;) Thanks. See you next week.
@readdreamlove: humble beginnings!
I'm sorry it took me a whiiiile to update! The operation went well! Thank you to everybody who wished me well too! I'll probably illustrate my experience on my next GBT episode. ^^; Also, of course, I'd like to extend my gratitude to everybody who helped me with Tapastic's giveaway! I feel bad for returning your generosity with a late update but I promise to work better from now on. o/ Cheers to Kaden, the manliness instructor.
This is how I interpret the summer in the Philippines. Rain in the middle of summer is fun and cooling and all but humidity rises rapidly and you get all sticky at the end of the day. Augh.
Ok. Now this is proof that my sense of direction fails terribly. I MIXED UP EAST AND WEST.
@Vanila H: This is exactly what fuels artists, what fuels me, more than money ever could. Thank you, thank you very much. I truly greatly appreciate it especially for voicing it out. Thanks for making my day as well.
@readdreamlove: Thank you. :D Yes, I was like Lyle as a kid too. LOL Humble beginnings!
Hi! I am thinking about using the Tapastic support program (or patreon, which do you think is better?) as a sweet special service to all my readers. If you have any suggestions for perks, please feel free to share them with me! Also, if you have time, please share, like, comment and subscribe (if you haven't yet). Uhm.. the Creator's Contest... hehe.. you know... uh.. 100 views, 50 likes and 10 comments that are made through the Tapastic app per day are needed. >< Yeah. Help me keep that up until May 6!Thank you! BTW, you also get the chance to win an ipod touch, kindle, tapastic tee, creator's prizes, etc. as you use the app. Has anybody from my readers won anything from the 30-day giveaway? I won a Tapastic shirt! >v< *dashes out of embarrassment*
@himeko7: It has to happen! If Lyle won't then I bet a lot would!
@readdreamlove: That's awesome! Thank you so much! \o/
@Riaya: it's nice to have you here too! I'm not as active here as I am on Tapastic but Smackjeeves is the first place I published NYAI? on. Thank you so much!
XP Excuse me for inserting an ad. I'm taking all the chances I need here. I so want to win the Cintiq for the Creators-only prize and to get a valid entry, I will need 100 views, 50 likes and 10 comments a day that are made through the app this entire April. (In case you haven't noticed, I rarely, maybe even have never, promote(d) myself like this!)
I posted this ad on my page but thinking since I might be..ahem..again..stuck in the hospital (IDK for how long. It's nothing serious, don't worry.), I might not have time to make another witty ad for this. If I win it, of course, there'll be gifts for everyone. :) THANK YOU KINDLY.
Contest Details:
Also, the 2 boys here are my "WARNING" boys back in highschool.
So I said I'll be making my health update into a comic. VOILA! Honestly, forget the scar and surgery. Heck, I'm even excited to squirm and watch my blood go on the hospital bed. It's the money I'm worried about. *reach* I can do this!
*for those who'd like to donate, click on the donate button on my site: http://CinnamonRUB.ME/ * >< It would help me tonnes! Perks are TBA.
@readdreamlove: Thank you! Wait til you see the next pages. :)
What, it's still Monday on a different timezone! *alibi* I was busy all weekend so I wasn't able to do anything for NYAI?. oTL
I'll try to get the next page uploaded on time this Friday but if I can't then expect it over the weekend or next Monday. I'll be seeing my doc later so I've no idea if my sched would change.

Thank you for the support!
@himeko7: w00t! Next page in a bit~