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will daylight fragments be after this one?
I voted. ^__^

Kenneth/Beth is what I want to see. Not so much a fan of Lawrence/Beth... oh and <3 Julien.
8D Well that's one way to get the job done.

Of course I was like... "OMG WTF?!"
This is a very pleasant surprise! It will be good to see Lala and Spades again. :D:D:D:D
I've just started reading and its really funny. XD
um... shouldn't metis be looking down rather than up... cause of the stairs and same goes for josh too he should be looking up? other than that this page is awesome.
i'm confused... but i love it. =)
aww cute!
you made it to the top 50 o.o woah...
<3<3<3 cien
i think he's my fav character now =P
his bruises are gone. love the page btw =3