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Just here to follow some great stories :3
Mostly I've found BL stories on this site that I like, but as long as I like the plot and art I'm all over it XD
I don't make stories myself, I just like following them :D
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    kamly... or not XD
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oh Wiley XDDD
I was hoping (if it what is seems like) would happen ^^d
Just need to say I love this dark coloring <3
Haha! XD Oh god, right back on track then! I hope he get lucky, I think he sort of deserves it after that beating ^^''
Looking forward to the new chapter starting :3
D: *scream* almost!
GAHHH!!! This is so cute, I'm so excited *can't sit still* o(>w<)o
Next page! D:
;___; she's so evil D:
Liam looks really cute in this though <3
Me wanna see a kiss =3
Love the page <3 Henry is just so great and love for his freckles :D and Liam is just too adorable, in the second to last panel overload of cuteness >w<)o
Love this comic so much!!!
Okay I'm done ^^''
XD~ ... *lost herself somewhere at the kiss between Richard and Henry*

Nwaa... <3 Liam really IS a good boy.. Yes Ed go see him, seee~ee him XD
;____; awww...
Liam O_O *Noes! cover your ears^* XP

.... and eyes XD
*snickers* Because of what? XD
so adorable <3
Nwaaaa!!! >w<)o *dies from cuteness overload*
I had a feeling it would be something like that <3 The cute ~ ^___^
OMG XD That's adorable! I've just been staring on this for maybe 10 minutes now, it's so sweet and I can't wait to see what Liam has to say for himself ^^
Ohhh... I wanna see more of that kissing XD *they're so cute*
And Ed blushing like that *smile*
Must agree, they look really cool XD
and I love little Bo in the corner <3
Goodbye Melody ;___;
I liked her, but of course I think Liam started liking her a bit to much XD
Well, I liked her anyway... *gives her hug*
Don't cry ;___;
Very unexpected XD me like...
Guhh!!! love the third and fourth panel especially.. *happy sigh* You just made my day <3
Ohhh *w* That's hot!
And I aslo think that soon something that shouldn't be between "her" legs will be noticed ^^''
can't wait for updates XD
Ohh.. tempting moment ;D Love this <3