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I like to eat. Good food make's every occasion better.

Oh and I also like drawing, viola, soccer, and watching TV just to name a few things. And those few things are all I am going to name.

Happy travels.
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OMG. MIKA. I love you.
That made me happy.
that was great!
I hope you win the contest =)
this is too amazing... I love everything about it =)
oh, wow.
I have to get that program. That looks like you painted it with--well, actuall paint.
cant wait for comics =)
Its all good!
The only thing that ever gets me is the page layout. It can be confusing.
Continue to make make your comic the same, muy bien!
happy (slightly early) new year!
the importance of nothing.... it sounds like something I would like.
how could I give up on a comic like this? Thats an awfully silly thing to say. Keep it up =D
I think its a clear story, I havent had to reread anything to get what was going on....sooooo, i think its a very interesting(and good!) story, keep it up =D
Lazy as it may be, it's as lovely as the rest =)
I can't wait to see the flash!
July 9th, 2007
you can never have to much shininess ^^
I cant wait to see this story unfold!*dramatic music*
my conscience never helps me out, hes a very lucky boy.

very funneh =D
heehee, metis is so much shorter than josh...