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"Gather 'round, ya little buggers! The Kirbymon speaks..."

Sup B) The name's Kirbymon, or Kirby for short, if you are so inclined. I'm a writer, artist (kind of xD), and gamer with a passion for the Kirby, Sonic, and Pokémon franchises. I realize that I have no webcomics at the moment, but I did have one at one point. I will not mention its name solely because it was terrible and should be erased from everyone's memory banks, but it was there. However, now that I have some superior programs and skills, I'll be making a better comic in the future...or I'll just jump aboard the co-author wagon to start myself off. Eh, I'll figure it out. If I have time...oh well. I have to make some sprites for myself first, anyway. All three damned forms...blech. Anyway, that's all of got to say for now, but I'll be back soon. Poyo!

"Didja hear that, kiddies? You better have. Now git offa mah lawn!"

(...Don't even ask me where the intro and outro came from.)

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Hi Knuckles! :D (Fangirl hug)
But lol. That was a very anticlimactic intro :P
Etam better watch his step. I've got...
uh...what do I have? Well, whatever it is, I'll kill him with it >:3
...Chili Dogs...?
"bye bye ugly fat penguin!"
XD Not something I'd expect Mr. I'm-so-cool-and-mysterious to say XD
But it was funny!
March 30th, 2012
"food" XD
The rating for this comic is Pi XD
He always says that when he's going UP XD
I worship you now.
You are awesome.
Nobody should shout anymore, 'cuz it's too loud to make ads on Google!!!
"You have the opportunity to earn money"
Vezo, now isn't the time to advertise.
Now we have to continue to provide...CAPACITY!
I find that cooler than what he says in the actual comic XD

(Please note that I'm only copying the comic and I don't really think Canada is disgusting. :D)
Hey, those average daily snacks over there are SO unaverage.
0.0 ...Is Ulti even old enough to drink wine?! XD
EVERYONE!!! Cut the pork D:<
Bumper card XD
Why rate part? 'Cuz I want to.