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I'm Jae Tanaka (real name: Javier Almazan), art department director of Ink Apache, a talented spanish studio known for works done for Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Boing, Channel 4, Canal +, Ubisoft, and many others.
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@The Bearded Man: hahaha!! I have not part on your milestone, but I'm glad anyway!
Thanks for the compliments!! I've fixed that whitespace!
Rox is back!
Sorry for the delay ^___^
I hope you like the B/W look. I must say that have not been a easy choice... but is the best way to keep it weekly. If anything happens (like I lose my job or become rich XD), I'll keep this modus operandi for all the webcomic: the first sequence of each issue will be full colored, and the rest pages will be B/W.
Anyway, I think that this kind of B/W fits perfectly with ROLLER17, making it look more pulp and underground ^__^
@xiaojin67: hum... I think is the golden star near the banner... dunno... sorry!!! I'll take a look at the template, but I don't know a word of html...
@Living Rock: Thank you!!! My idea is to make a lot of references here, so yes, it looks like Ranma XD
@II Deathy II: Thanks!!!
Will be updated weekly, ^__^