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I'm a fan of anime, The Who, British Comedy, The Who, horror movies(mostly classic), The Who, northern soul, The Who, oldies and did I mention The Who?
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Haha, these guys are a trip. I like the reference to the inventor of toilet paper. Good luck with your contest.
Great job. I didn't know what to expect at the end. You did a wonderful job with Gai's nice guy pose.
Wow, 100 pages. I'm looking forward to many more.
This gets a 5 just for the Hadoken. Great art style on the characters now.
Haha, I was totally thinking along the same lines as Jeff, but didn't expect him to say that.
Perfect personality for the princess.
Yes, she has a long wait in front of her. The princess would probably do well to prepare to rescue them. :wink:
haha, I love the last panel. I like your shading/coloring. It's simple, but looks good with your characters.
This is classic! I definitely could have seen that happening.
That perfect. I love the expressions.
Haha, this is a great comic. Macs have their place(of course MAC are my initials), but overall PCs are still more convenient and the commercials are only a little more annoying than those Gas and Electricity commercials.
April Fools
I hope everyone has a happy April Fools Day!

keep the faith,
I doubt that I will do profile views in the future. I think they look weird, but I really wanted them to be shaking hands. At least I fixed Mai's back problem that I had in my original pencil sketch. It will be picking up the pace. There are quite a few subtle things going on so it may do to review the previous ones before looking at the newest strips. I posted this a couple of days early since it helps to move things along a bit and formally introduces Lenore.

keep the faith,
That is definitely what happened. It was probably all Konohamaru's fault.
Oh wow, poor Gaara. He would be better off getting fashion tips from Gai.
Adorable Gaara. I love how you drew him punching. He would definitely do that.
Hahahaha! That's perfect.
Great. I love Itachi's expression in the last frame.
Haha. Kiba is so cool and Naruto is so not.
Awww, I love the eyes and the bear is perfect. Cool hair too.