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Last Panel; Me seeing you guys at IkasuCon, and getting Laptop-fail Hawkeye. :D
AAA~ I wanna see their babbu! :I
Naoto is so cuuute!
Yay~ You're back~
I have this happen a lot. This or surrounded by Ghasts. ;^;
Ohmagoooosh! they're so cute!
It has to be a lttle Kuro/Naoto baby. They will raise it with love and cuddles. Kuro would be a wonderful daddy.
I want to see his FAAAAACE!
@SaiYoru: They are, they really are.
... What is he thinking?
Crrrreeeeeeeepyyyyy sssstaaaaarrrrre.
Now kiss. Please. The cute/loves is necessary.
Pfft, my sister and I have totally switched in this way. She's a college student, and look like a freshmen. I, on the other hand, appear to be a senior and am a freshman. Our own family members can never remember our ages. The reverse problem sucks as well, trust me.
Those who claim to be quick learners never used Microsoft Office Access. That is complicated stuff.
OMG those last panels were drawn beautifully!
But... but... DICE HOW COULD YOU! He was trying to make you happy and you f*cking lash out!!! You aren't a teenage girl!
@Tristripe: Either the sleeve, or the fact his violin has no case, and his bow has been left in the open.
Cool treasure chest, brah.

OMGAW His room! I wish my room looked that cool :'/

But... Who leaves their cigs THAT FAR out of reach??
I love Cladio's face in the last panel, he's gotta be thinking along the lines of 'Again? Really? Fuck me...'
That egg is most definatly Kuro and Naoto's babbeh. Absolutly no doubt.
The fact you don't the... anatomy when you look at that 'lever' really isn't helping your not-a-kid argument.
@Betsy: Other Alex isn't a third wheel, they're a tricycle~
W00t! Now the weak little healer won't be so weak anymore!

But... does this make Kurogawa the father of Naoto's child? ._. Absolutly.
I have one thing to say.

Oh my GOD. Is that a Jane Austen novel???
And then there was awkward.

A lever? To what, a perverted torture chamber??

D'aww, Dice is keeping his promise~

Aras's pheonix looks amazing. :D
NOO! Why would you do that Aki! LET HIM eat you up!