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I make comics sometimes. A bit impulsive, a bit stupid. I like crackers, tea, and a good story.

Cold winter nights are my favorite. Mostly I like telling stories.
September 16th, 2017
@Ian Evans: I have not. Not really anyway haha. Life just got super busy for a while. Maybe now that I have actual spare time I can start devoting some if it to my stories again. I'm glad you like the art! I worry about the style pretty often lol
September 14th, 2017
@Ian Evans: Oh my goodness Armagettas has a comment. Ty for the feedback, you're always so encouraging when you comment :,) I actually haven't been on smackies in a while ! Maybe this is a sign to start working on my comics again..
That seal is adorable and reminds me of how seals and dolphins are sometimes called "water dogs."
This hasn't updated in seven years, but I'm still faving it because this is fantastic.
Some feels I felt at some point in time
Double update because the last two pages are old and sad looking. Don't want to leave anyone on a bad note!
I didn't feel like drawing the face cж
A face to die for :3

I'm going to get in trouble for that joke
The tone on this page is so cool. It's got a dark, gritty feel.
Hello yes? I feel like tragedy is around the corner and I should get my tissue box ready. Y/N?
bad thoughts
*claps 4 da teacher*
Just a strange canine here to cheer you on
Just a thought, nothing more~
Life gave me lemons sooooo.......
Been thinking of revamping the style. I still love this idea, but I need to rework things visually before I proceed :3
For the record, we are still on page 1 of the text lol
@Ultimate Legacy: oh no! I guess emojis don't translate on smackjeeves!! I was essentially throwing heart eyes at you :)
@Ultimate Legacy: Comments like this make me