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WAIT.... Will there be a slight chance that a certain character who is a lineage of a certain detective who had an awesome doctor as a partner/assistant?
Still less of an annoying character the million light years away guy Brock had.
You have 99 gils but one short from a phoenix down... Sorry I just had to do it.
I just got through Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde. Now I'm going to start Le Mis once I get my hands on it =D
XD Thanks to you I've been spending my times reading these classic novels to get to know them better. Thank you! =D I apparently have been missing out on some of these great books. My school is stupid for making us skip out on these >=3
Well it could be a guy so... It'll still be molesting just a lot more awkward for Susan =P
I know Peter Tarkulich from Bardsworth pulled a Rickroll last year =P He said he animated that scene and linked a Youtube video... Man I walked right into that one.

As for this, it was AWESOME. =D
Just a quick question... Will we ever see American Lineage people? Cause that would be totally kickass.
Wait! If the American Lineage has been... You know. Does this mean I wont see my favorite American literature characters come to modern life? No Tom Sawyer or Huck Finn? No Ethan Frome or Billy Budd? =(