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Still wondering how the seven color people relate to the five mancers, then. At this point I can only assume that a mancer used their magic to create the color people and that's why they (or at least Purple) have the nightmares. But then that just leaves assistant. Who obviously has some connection to the dark overlord...
Huh, could this mean that Purple and the other color people have seen this place in their dreams just like Assistant?
Something tells me we're about to learn some dark secrets about Purple.
Wonder why Nim and Harold in particular are looking at each other.
For some reason I feel like Madame President stole this person's color or something... What if the severed person is the REAL Madame President >>
Huh, I wonder how Assistant recognizes the tower itself. In her first nightmare, she enters a cave, not a tower. And in the second one we see, after falling she suddenly finds herself inside the place already.

As far as I can tell, she's never seen the outside of this tower in her dreams, unless I'm missing something .-.
Dammit Cirrus, you missed your chance to leave a good impression
Their "rides"? I know they can fly, but are the two of them really going to carry all those people?
Whoa wait, Wallace met Nim off screen?? Noooo, we need to see how all these characters interact with each otheeeeer
Undertale taught me what you're supposed to do to monsters...Choose wisely, Hero
@JoKeR: Honestly, his reactions just make him sound guilty. They didn't give him much time to speak, but he didn't deny committing the crime, either. It moreso seemed like he was just stalling so he wouldn't have to admit it.
Yeah yknow, I just vanished for two weeks and now my limbs are invisible. But really, it's no big deal
I feel like either Wallace will pass Harold and hug Petunia or someone will intercept Harold and hug Wallace first xD
I don't think she did, but it'd be hilarious if she actually did just tell him her real name. That way Harold knows it but the readers still don't xD

Though Harold's expression could also just be towards whoever just called out their names
Everyone calling out Harold for not knowing Assitant's name when literally no one else knows it either xD (except her parents but they don't count because fuck them)
By all means, don't let the insatiable thirst of shippers influence your story. Things don't always turn out how we want them to. Sorry if we're making you feel like we're trying to force you to change the story in any way.
I was waiting for you to spit it out, Harold. All aboard for a Feel Trip!
Fuckin' knew it. Let the SS Awkward set sail~
This is our first time seeing Harold face crippled Assistant. I wonder if he'll be all weird around her now.
I mean, there's a lot of yellow going on here. If she were Yellow, it could be that this is her before becoming Yellow/in the process of becoming Yellow. But there's no telling who this is yet. That brings up another question: If the color people aren't born color people, how exactly did they all become that way?

Side note, I don't believe the "Ama-" is referring to assistant. After all, she herself stated her name starts with an R.
I was about to be like "IS THAT YELLOW!?" But then I remembered that this is probably a flashback. So even if that was the Yellow of back then, the present Yellow is surely someone else.