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comic, Comic, COMIC! o3o...

Yeah so, My name is Serena, but you can call me Kitty ^-^
I cosplay, draw, write, and do other fun things :3

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    Kitty (Serena)
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dang girl O_O
awww sweet!!! <3 o3o and THEN... a o-o;; moment!! XD
Underwear?! XDD
Been awhile since I uploaded and I think I have the great idea where to take it from here! ^O^ sorry for the wait minna~!
xD! that's great!
working on it....
xD! that's great!
oh no.. o3o
and the mystery is solved! all thanks to them pesky kids!... oh wait, wrong comic. xD
o3o boom goes the girl.
soo tired! but wanted to keep writing.. X3X ..
goodnight guys!
I'll try to post another page tomorrow!
New background! It's awesome!!
What is a tree nyuu?
update! </3
alright let's get this party started!
another chapter comes to a close.
coming soon: chapter 6! :D

thanks everyone for reading! ^-^

full picture of akuma and kitty:
Omg omg omg omg!!!! O-O;; !!!!!!!
;~ ;
Awww Kaito..<3