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Inquisition has been the only one of the Dragon Age games where I actually ended up with all the companions on my first playthrough. Origins I somehow never got Sten, Zevran or Oghren on the first go-round, DA2 I forgot to go see Isabella during Act 1 and she disappeared forever. I think BioWare needs to write in some sort of reminder to people to go find their companions.
I'll agree the song in Origins was creepy. Especially as Leliana stood around after and watched several variations of Warden Surana get lucky with either Alistair or Zevran (that bug never did get fixed, at least in my game...)

That being said, I did really like the song in Inquisition. Though Cullen's face when he starts singing does creep me out, a bit.
@4mation: I had the exact opposite problem. My Elven Knight-Enchanter was pretty awesome, don't get me wrong, but my Human archer/assassin was one-shotting almost everything by level 20. Even the dragons were dying within 5 minutes.
Congrats on the four year mark. Hoping for many more. And excellent, cake!
There are some really weird relationships in TOR. My Inquisitor some how accidentally slept with another Sith on Alderaan, and Andronikos acted like it was the greatest thing ever. I see those two competing for points like Hawke and Isabella.
The cake is a lie. THE CAKE IS A LIE!

Seriously, though, congrats to both of you!
I've been playing TOR again, getting ready for the new expansion, and had this happen with my Sith Warrior the other day. She and Quinn were both wearing the same armor, but, funny thing, her boobs were hanging out and Quinn actually had on, ya know, ARMOR. Showed it to my 76-year-old grandmother, who couldn't believe they actually do stuff like that in games.
Once again, right on the money! Even for the Twi'lek it doesn't make sense; in the books it makes it very clear that Ryloth is so hot that Tatooine is the favored place for a summer vacation. That being said, if your home ecosystem is that hot, aren't you going to be cold as all get out one somewhere like Tython or Coruscant? So, following that logic, shouldn't they be wearing layers and layers of clothes?
Oh yes, Fem!Shep with well thought out, non-flirty dialogue. We have dismissed this claim. Seriously, as a lesbian I am offended at times by the fact my character either has to flirt her head off with the male character or go full-on Renegade. I killed Jacob in ME2 just because I was so pissed at having to flirt with him to get my full Paragon points.
And then you get to the ending, and all that forgiveness just goes straight to hell. But yes, I was ecstatic out of my mind when Cortez was talking about his husband.
Ah Fenris, you sneaky, sneaky thing. <3 Why do I have a feeling this was his plan all along?