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Lazy WoW playing mofo.
You don't want to know. Just hope someone enjoys the way I get the stories out of me even though I'm not the best one at drawing!
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So glad to see you getting back into comics. I'll make sure to support on patreon when my loans are paid off in a month so I'll actually have money again~
The art is looking amazing btw o7
Damn I need my own Daniel
October 16th, 2015
Oh my God *squeals*

Glad to see you back, hope you're feeling okay c:
September 14th, 2015
Followed Paradox all the way. Can't wait to see how you've changed the story~
Oh my God. Best news all week <3
Glad to see you still got motivation even when you have to start solo
I'm a lazy bastard.

Anyway, Andrews just popular with girls and Adrian clearly can't take it.

Andrew: ''C'moon Adrian! ... What did I do to make you mad?''
Adrian: ''... You just won't get it''
Andrew: ''Please, whatever it is I'm sorry!''
Adrian: ''If you're sorry then stop flirting with every living thing!'' >.<'
Andrew: ''I wasn't flirting!'' >///<
...For the next one then.

Don't give up Adrian!
I'm goddamn lazy omg. I don't know, maybe getting pages out faster if I just stay with the style like on this one...
Computer coloring wtf.

I seriously suck at drawing, oh well!
Another mofu page.
Old as your mother again, but I don't care. New ones next week, Thursday jej.

Plus check the character page for love<3
So this, and the second page will be old. Done 3years ago, so after that the style will most likely change a little, not much.

So enjoy the oldies.
PLUS added two more characters and other's will only come after they've been shown in the comic.

Updating every Thursday from here on.
Old chapter cover, 3years actually. Taking it from here, setting a stable schelude to my updated once I'm back to school so in 4weeks. Before that, random!