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a lovely moral
trust men in dresses
why do they always leave shoes?

if at midnight the pink lace panties came loose it would make going around the kingdom to have everyone try them on for size so much more interesting.

and allow for more pantsu pictures
aw - that would make him - Ashes the princess
always lots of girls dancing with each other but rarely guy couples, for some reason until recently that was just not done
like Robin and Tony and Eunice.

I believe Wendy was invented for Peter Pan
Ashes, Ashes, all fall down
There was a movie years ago called Cinderfella - I'm going to have to look it up now
method to her madness - Grandmas pretty boy harem :)
now I feel sorry for the rescuer BUT WAIT
what happens next
ha ha ha lolling so hard save the pretty boy and ruins all his fun after Grandma set him up so well
now we are getting yaoi
OH grandma - it must be great to be with it
ha ha ha ha you gotta love those smart kids
my momma always told me the same thing and I all my life I have talked to strangers.

when I was a little boy I stood by the hiway and waved to cars with my thumb.

you can make friends that way really easy
how sweet
that was a wonderful story and a happy ending always makes me smile