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Maybe it's that Sera sent Leona AND Adeleine one of those letters, and Adeleine thought Leona was the one who wrote the letter...
still wondering why the Knife is the same color as the Red-Eyed Kirby.
I think I see what's going on here...
Just in case...
Basically, GK already left, and the "GK" that was with them one page ago, was actually a TAC in disguise. There's the explanation. sorry for the confusion.
@ForestFire: Whoops, someone needs to keep track of who leaves the base, cause now it's getting confusing... I will take care of that though, I have thought of a reason he was shown there.
And any victims of this Comic Sans disaster sound like Text-to-Speech.
You should probably censor that. (or simply replace it with Kirby or Puffball)
also welcome back to Smackjeeves.
@Ryjora: Well, yeah, I know that, but I was referring to the ones who have just made 1-2 pages and nothing else.
@kirby knight 1000: Yeah, LK has a point, if everyone that still needs to post a page (in order to stay) at least did something with the comic before, (also remember most of them didn't even bother to COMMENT) This wouldn't be happening.
@kirby knight 1000: add the part that got cut off.
Check the news post. eek-begins-now/
@aqua the hedgie: *Cough*He'swithDrakeandValerieremember*Cough*
an Aqua toad how did I not see that coming

but still welcome to the comic!
@Shady "Mirror" Kirby: If they divide, they will get outnumbered by the minions at a faster rate.
Also,, is that you? because when I checked, everything that had to do with the character on your icon, it came from him.
Alt Text: "Shotzos Fired"
Totally not foreshadowing
*ahem* THE WADDLE DEE'S A SPY*shot*
That's strange, usually Core would use Eddie to get there.
Looks like we have a deeper mystery on our hands...