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Calintz Aurion
I'm more of a writer and scriptwriter, but I am really practicing hard at drawing manga style (because I know of the ratio of writer to artist!)
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    Alexander Lourido
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aww man looks like we can never threaten you for constant updates!!!
Not me her!
Don't threaten me! I'm allergic to people threatening me!!
Support and Luff!! (ew. . )
hey guys (and girls. . .just in case) it's the author I would really love if you all came to support my other comic that I just started up. If you like this one then I'll bet you an arm and a leg (not MY ARMS OR LEGS!!) that you'll enjoy the other one! IT's called Don't Fear the Reaper! Thanks and much love to our fans out there. Peace and chicken wings!

@Amiko: if you thought he was weird you've seen nothing yet!

@Berry: either way. . .he's an ass. . .but he's my ass!!(. . .that didn't sound right)
heh, this reminds me of my brother and I we were the same exact thing
yay six fans, I feel so loved now!!!! Thanks for the support!!
Okay i'd like to thank the fans in forward for supporting us in this comic and your commments are always welcome
okay I got the okay from Witchy but I just want you all to know that I have started another webcomic with another artist.

If you like Ookami Shiro then you will like my other one. Just type in "Don't Fear the Reaper" in the search box and you should find it, it'll start up soon as we are planning to post many pages at once.

thanks for the support and don't worry I won't let this comic die either!!!
Very well then *pulls out katana* a battle shall happen nemesis

. . .on a lighter and less violent note thanks for the fanart we're posting it up on our comic website!!!
oh okay good then. . .RIVAL!!!!!
Great you're confused!!!! I shall take advantage of the situation!!!. . .Err yeah weird and awkward moments rule
I just noticed My comic is right behind your other comic (the one with the photographer and stuff). . . RIVAL!!!

NO just kidding love this comic especially Jasper he's got that creepy psychotic killer shtick very well done
creep and neat!
As creepy and strange that picture is. . .I kinda like it. Just remind me never to get near you when you're under pressure!!
this is what happens when I'm sick from work and I got time to kill, I read a random comic. . .meaning yours which at first I was lost, but it's like a candy bar, you know it's bad for you but still you want MORE!!!!
Feeling the Burn
Meh, no worries witchy, I feel the burn too. Going to work and then college until 9:00 P.M. every night isn't fun either, so it's cool. The layout looks great! and a special thanks for the fans sticking by to see how this comic unfolds!
you're not the only one sick I am too jeez thanks for spreading it to me witchy!!!!
Man, I love screwing with those characters. . .especially the new ones that are coming up!
Can't wait for chapter two, if you thought the characters are downright strange and off the wall. . .well you haven't even scratched the surface
Hey Witchy you´ve done great while i was gone i´ll be back the 16th to give more stories out sorry bout the delay folks if there is one
Wow, nice needle, guess I come up with weird ideas
Momo, that's just the worst name I could think of. . .