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I'm a freelance cg artist, specializing in character design and movie making. I also do a little amateur voice acting and theater acting on the side (I specialize in quirky characters). Hobbies include gaming, fabricating costumes, reading fiction novels and manga, and ballroom dancing. My greatest talent is being able to come up with a line/quote/lyric for any given situation.

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Comment on 11 - 05 of Vacan7
Keys2tkingdom, Oct 18 2014 01:10 am
Back after a RL induced hiatus...
Sounds like why I haven't been posting.

Anyway, I really like like Wife's "I regret nothing attitude" about stealing Patient's book and corrupting the memories thing, as it makes her a lot less sympathetic when it comes to her motivations - putting her squarely into the "straight-up antagonist" category.

I was on the fence on whether or not Wife was an antagonist by choice (like Sovereign apparently is) or it was more Sovereign manipulating Wife into being an antagonist. While the latter still might be true, it now seems that Wife saw the slippery slope and willingly swan dived right to the bottom.
Comment on 11 - 02 of Vacan7
Keys2tkingdom, Sep 18 2014 06:57 pm
Wow, first post
Thanks for the periphery info Wife. Now it seems that Broken is a third party in the Struggle for the Vessel - for the moment at least.

And apparently patient is also Team Heir's resident medic as well and the team's Smart Guy. Remember to keep aggro of the healer you guys!

Glad to see Incubus taking this seriously and is staying in his true form (since my macaroons on the guess that Admirer and Incubus are more restricted when not in their true forms). Also, I can't wait to see Admirer take on her true form - at least I think it "her"... I can never be too certain about genders when it comes to shapeshifters ;P
Comment on 11-01 of Vacan7
Keys2tkingdom, Sep 12 2014 08:47 am
Lol Good to know my genre savviness is still intact.

Patient and Admirer look like they're their planning something - or playing Texas Hold'em -can't be sure from this angle. Incubus seems to be alert and on guard duty. And as for Wife... she looks a little scared.
Comment on 10 - 28 of Vacan7
Keys2tkingdom, Aug 29 2014 09:36 pm
Thanks Django. Now we know *something* is up. And after that phantasm last page (And my macaroons are still the phantasm being Broken) we get to worry about the the four (including Heir) who were left in the Cathedral - which seems to be an enemy controlled location - last time we saw them.

Also, I'm weighing in my guess that Broken is on the Wife and Sovereign Alliance's side atm, but can be tempted to join Team Heir if he (She? It?) is given the right motivation.
Comment on 10 - 27 of Vacan7
Keys2tkingdom, Aug 22 2014 03:36 pm
I think the theme from "Midnight" might be applicable now ... O_O

My guess is we're about to meet the final mental aspect of Django (since we've saw Sovereign back in ch 6.) - The Broken. It would certainly explain the phantasm in the background. If this is correct, we've now at least seen all seven personalities - even if we haven't properly met them all.
Comment on 10 - 26 of Vacan7
Keys2tkingdom, Aug 14 2014 08:08 pm


Yeah. That's all I got. With this kind of development, that basically all I can say.

As for Real Life, take all the time you need to recover. We can all entertain ourselves with Archive Binges and writing fan fics.
Comment on 10 - 25 of Vacan7
Keys2tkingdom, Aug 08 2014 06:34 am
You can just smell the cake in here...
Wait. No. That's just the rivalry between Troy and Howard.

Also, three imaginary strawberry macaroons on Howard being the first one to figure out Troy and Django's relationship.

AND IT ONLY TOOK 18 AND A HALF HOURS TO REALIZE THAT THIS IS A REFERENCE TO CH 5 PAGE 1 (#80)! I feel soooo inadequate as a fan right now TT_TT

Happy Birthday AstroBullet! And as interesting bit of trivia, I just turned 31 (Yes, I know I'm old.) on Wednesday. jpg
Comment on 10 - 24 of Vacan7
Keys2tkingdom, Aug 01 2014 04:15 am
And now that most of my extra trains of thought have ben taken care of, and that we get a bit of a breather this page, I can admire the page for what it is, a sweet moment between two friends.

Obviously, unless something drastically changes, Howard needs a partner too. Or we can take the three-pointed star option, and have a ménage à trois >:D
Comment on 10-23 of Vacan7
Keys2tkingdom, Jul 26 2014 12:07 am
Yep. Howard either A)cares for Django due to unrequited love; B) has purely platonic affection for Django due to a strong moral compass; or C) cares for Django due to some back story that I'm not aware of.

Still, if it wasn't obvious before, it is perfectly clear that Howard cares for Django on some fairly significant level. And for that reason alone, for better or worse, will make Howard a possible rival for Troy and/or a valuable ally in helping Django and Troy provide cover for their relationship.
Comment on 10 - 22 of Vacan7
Keys2tkingdom, Jul 22 2014 03:54 am
Also agreeing with Toli on Howard wanting a bit of "Django-naked-on-a-flat-surface" that would nicely complement some "flirting-with-food".

And at this point I'm halfway convinced that Django and Troy will be found out within a month of in-comic time.

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