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I'm Helsic, I'm 30 year old fangirl from Colombia. I speak Spanish and English. I'm a professional Visual designer and I love video games, comics, Animation and Books. I live in China with my geeky husband.

I hope you like all my comics~ I hope to get better ^_^
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ewwwwww so disgusting XD
Holy cow!!!! I was not expecting this!!! xDDD
I'm losing my sleep too!!!
ballet is for real men!!
this comic is amazing! the characters are so engaging! and the theme is very different from what you usually see in comics
whar a jerk!!! the worst part is that, there are plenty of idiots like him in real life
wait what??? the plot thickens!
Oh my god!!!
hahaha this is amazing!!!
I love the character design of this comic!
But I feel confused sometimes with all the characters since there are so many of them in the cube.
I think Teri is really immature. He got an excellent position in a company that, requires years of experience/training and he is being baby-sitted by pretty much everyone in the cube, but as soon as one person treat him harshly he went full drama mode. I don't agree with what the commander is doing but I think Teri is overreacting.
I like the commander. Not because he is mean and apparently a bully but because is the only character in the story that doesn't treat Teri like a baby or like if Teri were some kind of special guy. I feel like it makes the story more relatable because in a workplace you find a lot of guys like the commander and until now, everything was perfect for Teri and I wanna see some action/drama to make the character grows.
the plot thickens!!!
omg Teri is the quintessential stereotype of the typical Millennial that gets anxious over everything, and wants to watch shows with his friends instead of working like a regular adult. It's this ironic?
I'm so confused... I don't understand what's going on but I like the character design.
Why is everyone treating him so specially? just because he is the son of this important guy?
the sparkles!!! omg so cute!
December 20th, 2017
@Anon: wait for the end!!! I haven't finish it but it's gonna be explained at the end!