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I like comics. :T
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We really do appreciate the patience and support our fans have provided us. Thanks for being there we wouldn't make it without you!
New Page is Really Late
But in other news, our summertime art contest on DA is over!! You can go here to see the winners:
@Frostwings: Haha well thanks! I'm glad we're not doing too bad. xD

Yeah the story is floating for a while until we get to the good foresty plotness. Sorry it's taking so long haha.

Fireworks ARE awesome!
Sorry omg. We had this page done yesterday but I wasn't home to upload it!!

Here it is though. A day late.

Also last week was July 4th here, so.. Sorry! Wasn't home. Fireworks.
@Frostwings: Yeah maybe! Ah well. He's crazy.
Our comics vary in quality
Depending on when and where I MAKE THEM

AHAHAHAHA dont notice please.
Wow so late
I'm so sorry. Summer has been nothing but go go go ! And I've had little to no time to work on this page. Gonna try harder on the next one. I'm so sorry guys. I let you down. -sobs-
Hahahahaahaha bare buns
@Frostwings: He really likes tomatoes oh man. Those are his tomatoes.
Shons a lil shit sometimes
So I tried changing the style just a bit, I may or may not keep it like this based on feedback.

Drawing it like this leaves little room for animation. Eeeeegh. Also it took me 5x longer to post the page!

But if you like it please tell me~ This is a huge learning process for me.

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And look at all the cool new links at the top of the page!

Gonna add a characters page soon.
Hi I've been reading and woah man this is really cool. *O*
Hey hey hey
It's another new page! Oh no! All the red has been drained?? What? Is that what happened?

C r A z Y

Be sure to check out our other websites, the links are mostly at the top of the website.
Playing around with text sounds
Trying to get in some text noises that work well. Thanks for viewing! <3

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Here's the new page! It's a guest comic by Sharkberry !!

Two pages?! WOW!
Yes I hope you enjoy this new comicy paaaage! If I can I will sometimes surprise you all with two updates a week.

Actually this is to make up for missing last week.. :D

Wahoo! Guest Artist!!
Our guest artist today was Azure Snowflake!

There will be another page uploaded tomorrow!!
March 31st, 2013
Hello I just wanted to esay that your art style is really nice and beautiful. -shakes- ; w ;
@R.I.P: Wow thanks so much! That really means a lot. -sobs- It's comments like yours that keep me goin! >:D
I love this art style bahaha and your comic is so cute. x3