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Karasu Inoue
I enjoy drawing and video games very much and have done many experimental manga style graphic novels. I tend to stay true to the manga style of a right to left direction of reading, though at this point it's out of sheer habit. I'm looking for an art style to call my own. I hope to eventually find a style in between western and eastern art to call my own. My stories aren't that great, but I'm working on improving my writing skills. For starters, I now write out full scripts of my work before drawing. Byakuya - the manga I will be initially uploading was done on a whim. The story and character designs were created as I drew them. As a result it's not the best in terms of story... It was more of an experiment, to see how well I could design action scenes and panels and whatnot. Whenever I deeply plan a manga it never seems to get past 20 pages or so... I'm working to fix that with my latest to be announced official manga pilot oneshot. Lots of planning will be going into this one. I hope you'll read it. ^^
@Kazu-chan, thanks a bunch! I didn't think my art was appealing at all. ^^"
I don't know why I didn't upload this earlier! Here's Anya Keisse in cell shaded colors~ ^^
Sky Rivers in glorious digital colors~
Can't believe it's been two months since I've done an Emi Emi XD This one is special~ <3
I just got a tablet and I decided to try and draw Sky with it. Here are the results. Not too bad. But I'm still not too good with tablets lol. I'll get better over time no doubt. ^^
I added a night sky to the background. I thought this one looked a bit better so I'm replacing the old pic with it. ^^
This splash page was very random, but I had a lot of fun drawing it back then. My perspective was so bad too. XD I've improved a little bit here and there and it gives me hope that I'll get even better someday.
Mina Tepes, queen of the vampires in Dance in the Vampire Bund. One of the most interesting manga/anime I've ever read... But littered with nudity... The artist used to draw erotic manga so I guess it's understandable....
@Andrea C.Castro: Sure thing! I'll go and check it out. ;)
This was the original character sketch for Emi that I did in the middle of pre-calculus a few weeks back. Since then she's become a bit of a favorite of mine <3
And with that chapter 2 is completely up! Join me for Chapter 3 sometime next week!
Story telling
That guy in that one panel....... where did he come from? Also I love how I just drop the name of the setting in there. XD
I didn't have enough time to even give poor Emi enough justice and ink her in like I wanted to... This page is so very rough XD I was unable to scan the last few pages of chapter 2 today in time... So you guys are gonna have to be a little more patient to see how it ends. ^^;;
Chapter 2
Chapter 2 will be uploaded some time later this week, possibly even tomorrow if all goes well. Here's the splash page featuring Karasu, Hinagiku, and Shinji. Stay tuned for more work! :)
Ah, such beautiful story telling! "You can be next to her when she wakes up..." *Next panel, she wakes up*
I really like your coloring and line work. The screen toning in the other pages is very good. Do you use a drawing or manga program? All my work is hand drawn on paper rather than digitally. ^^;; I don't have the money for a tablet and am not very good at using one either...
Here's some love for K-On. Yeah I do a little fan art here and there. No biggy. These two are my favorite characters from that series and here they are! (All credit for K-On goes to Kakifly and Kyoto Animation and any involved with the official release)
Well that was the first chapter of Byakuya. (Those author notes were kind of pointless... So I'll be leaving them out, though the translucency of the paper kind of makes them visible.) Thanks for reading and I hope you stay tuned for more of my work!
The First Step
Well here we are folks. You're in for a treat, my first attempt a graphic novel is here. While experimental and unfinished, I believe it is still worth a look. Here is the splash page for chapter 1 featuring our main characters Karasu and Hinagiku.