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Aspiring artist, constant comic consumer, budding bibliophile & starving student.

I major in English and dabble in comparative lit and gender studies. What I'd really like to do though? –Art.

Comics, for me, are like a blessed union, the holy matrimony between story telling and artistic expression. A world of wonders and possibilities.
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December 20th, 2015
@Metric_muse: Thank you! :)

I suspect fans and authors tend to read criticism in an combative, mean voice regardless of what is actually being said because it's natural to feel protective of what you love.

I'm happy that you saw what I said as constructive (the way it was intended) and I'm glad if my comments helped you some. :)
December 19th, 2015
@gataloca1: You know, being dismissive of me doesn't help your case since you're not very convincing when you don't even address any of my points. But okay. Ignorance is bliss and all that, I suppose. I realize some people want to stay in the Matrix. Todo lo mejor para ti tambien.
December 18th, 2015
@gataloca1: I wouldn't say it's subjective, but I guess it matters how aware one is of these things.

Jokes about gay men vehemently rejecting the insinuation that they are like girls/women are fairly common in gay romance and they play on the idea that women are emotional/incapable/silly/insert-stereotype. Here, girls are seen as silly (Aldi looks "so funny") or incapable (not as good at swimming as men).

You say "everyone would be mad about being misgendered as a provocation" but there is a scale here and Aldi's reaction is a bit extreme. I think most people would be like "ha ha, that's funny" (sarcasm) and the fact that Aldi is seriously angry suggests that he finds being misgendered as a woman actually insulting as opposed to just incorrect. Hence, misogyny.

And as I've said, I have no problems with Aldi being a bit misogynistic (or Radan, for that matter). As the author said, it makes sense in the story world. I just don't like it presented as a joke to make Aldi appear cute and silly.

If you have a different reading of this, I'd love to hear it. :)
December 15th, 2015
@RenRou: Doesn't explaining something that doesn't require an explanation seem a little defensive to you? We both already agree that characters can feel and act however it is natural for them to feel and act. That is not the issue here, it's the portrayal.

The whole feel of the page with the pastel colors, the shirtlessness, and the teasing is light and sexy, which sets the tone for the humor as well. 'Holds misogynistic beliefs' is completely valid characterization for Aldi, but in this setting, it seems intended to make Aldi appear silly for being so furious, but in an endearing way! Not ridiculous (in a critical way) or seriously bothered by insecurities (in a nuanced way) as may have been the case if the portrayal was different.

I assumed that, as a comic creator, you'd be interested in feedback on how the techniques you use are working but, even if you aren't, I think these things are worth discussing.
December 15th, 2015
@RenRou: Uh huh, just like a straight man might protest that he is NOT gay, not because of homophobia, but because he's "proud" of being straight. Pffft.


The defensiveness is unnecessary anyway. I'm only offering feedback on how this kind of joke is coming across. Do with it what you will.
December 14th, 2015
@RenRou: Sure, I agree that characters should behave realistically "according to their background" as you say. Fictional characters can be written to do anything really and it would be totally cool as long as it follows the rules of the story world and is in character for that person. No arguments there!

The thing is, there are different ways for authors to portray characters' behavior to show their agreement/disagreement/neutrality toward that behavior.

To me, this scene reads like I'm supposed to find Aldi's misogyny cute and/or funny. Now maybe that's just a first impression that would have been challenged later on. For now, I'm just saying that I don't find it okay to portray misogyny as a cute joke.

And let me just add that I don't necessarily think treating it as a joke implies anything about you as the author. There are tons of misogynistic tropes in yaoi that are probably used somewhat unthinkingly by many.
December 13th, 2015
I feel compelled to say, on behalf of my gender, that this casual misogyny isn't funny or endearing. As if being likened to a girl is the worst kind of insult. Who'd want to be a girl for christsakes, am I rite!?!
Ah, Mic is looking decidedly creepier today, I see! Though I love the bony hand and the spine showing through. Scary but cool.
Ooooh, exciting! I have no idea what will come of this... but it's still so exciting!
@jury: Uhm. No. I'm not.

I'm a person who doesn't hurt people by leading them on. Endearments are used for a purpose and have their time and place – and there are situations where you shouldn't use them.

In any case, I'm only giving my impressions of a fictional character. That's harmless compared to a personal attack on an actual person, insulting and belittling them for having an opinion that has fuck all to do with you.
I love the page and the background info is very interesting. Also, that kid is so cute!
Looks like it's more than "alright" bwuhahaha!

And YAY for print! I'd so totally buy this comic if it was available in print and I'm so glad to hear that it might be somewhere down the line!
Healthy sexuality! Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yaaas! <3
@DaughterOfOwls: Oh I love it! It's more natural and flows much better. What's more, even that sigh works together superbly well with his thoughts now! :D

And I guess it's pretty evident from the rest of the page that this is what he's been thinking about, so we don't really lose any important info.

And I also really like the use of the pronoun in stead of "my lord". Even though Metz would not be so informal or familiar with Mict in person (yet?), referring to him like that in his mind suggests that Metz has been thinking about him a lot. Like it's obvious who "he" is.
@DaughterOfOwls: Well. I think it might sound more natural for him to think about how long it's been if it were put in the context of, for example, wondering when his lord might visit again. Mict did promise to see him again soon so maybe something along the lines of "He said we'd see each other soon but it's already been several days since that night." And thinking about "that night" would lead more naturally to thinking about how preoccupied his mind has been with it... :)
I don't really want to complain or anything but the first two bubbles seem kind of exposition heavy for inner monologue. Not that it's impossible that Metz would reflect on his own reaction to what happened but still... It feels more like narration than something you'd think to yourself. Maybe it's the phrasing, I dunno.

Other than that, I love this page and I'm looking forward to what's next! Exciting!
Your art!!!<3 I'm in love with the last panel!
Mic is, like, the sexiest comic character ever. Seriously.
Knowing that Mictlantecuhtli had a wife, I had wondered what you were going to do with such a character in a BL story and whether she would simply be omitted. So far, I love it! <3

You always seem to sidestep all my worries about potentially problematic material. I need to start giving you more credit...