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I've always loved art and comics/manga and one day I will share my stories. Anywho its awesom to meet you! :D
*takes him by the scruff and drop kick him out of the comic*
Me: "They were having a nice heart to heart! So get lost!"
oh the feels your making me feel! T__T
I need to know what happens! moar! pwease? :3
I love this comic! :D
Squee! so gorgeous
I think its been five years since I last read this story xD it was only black and white then on Comic Genesis. Oh my, where did the years go? I still love this comic and I've been site stalking to find this again.

you're awesome for getting this colored finally! *hugs*

I would love that weather, we trade yeah? my windless humidity for your cold rainy winds? :D any who rock on, can't wait to see Edgar colored. Oh! and especially the sssnake aces, giggity.
With each page, I'm slowly loving his character more :3
so gorgeous! :D
Hm, Some comics I see usually block out the city in black with several window looking lights and a slight glow over the town. thats one way or perhaps different shades of greys to highlight a few more features, its kinda dark and distracting for the rest of the page.

I love your art style :3
I would probably be looking through all my pockets to see if I had anything...maybe candy, or and ID of some sort lol
giggity xD
lmao I'm dying of laughter xD I love the unexpected turns this comic has :3
yikes! wonder what he'll say hrm...
I'm lovin' it! :D
Didn't anyone tell him that if your going to point a fingure...your going to lose that finger? hehe anywho buttface needs stop. I mean seriously dude? I know it's for the story but still, yikes.

I forgot who Valentine I have to back track xD I'm absorbed with Lucky and Oliver, I love their personalities kehehe.
Hm, curious as to what he's looking at. :3 oh! maybe it's a cute puppy! or knowing this comic so far...maybe it's a missed blood stain? xD
I love the art and the story to this :D
this is really interesting! :D
what will happen next?
It creeps me out that he keeps her like that; I mean she's dead just put her to rest already, its sad :(

first time reading this and I'm hooked! :)
well you have a new fan, I cant wait for the next update! :D
I like this story so far :D
lol cute; I'm starting to like that little fish xD

"dun dun DUUUN! what will happen next? see it next week kids." xD

I had to share this comic on facebook, hopefully some of my good'ol pals will read it. :3