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hi der
I'm Mew. I also respond to Haru, Lynx, Lynxo.. I DUNNO, DEPENDS WHERE YOU KNOW ME FROM I GUESS. I like caps and cats and stuff like that. I am also too lazy to write a proper profile for myself, so you can just DEAL >:l.
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I LOVE THIS XDD Lovey Dovey Orange is hawt ;D -shot-
THIS IS AWESOME :D I can't wait until they get married >w<.

(This is Lynxogirl, btw xD)
XDDD I love this!

(Avanelle'd be inclined to agree with Krugen XDD)
This is Lynx, btw :B
Haha, I remember that conversation! XD
Because I can.
If you're too lazy to look at it on LJ, here are the species and names of Steppanie's family (in order of appearance):
Cheryl Cornfield - mother, snow leopard
Leppera "Leppie" Cornfield - older sister, jaguar/snow leopard
Nathan Cornfield - older brother, jaguar/snow leopard
Kitty Cornfield - oldest sibling, twin to Tippie, tabby/jaguar
Tippie Cornfield - oldest sibling, twin to Kitty, tabby/jaguar
Cassandra "Cassie" Cornfield - younger sister, adopted, ragdoll
Steppanie Cornfield - ..well, the main character of this webcomic :x She's a snow leopard too.

And if you were reaally lazy and didn't read the cast page, Steppanie's father is called Martin Cornfield, and I guess he's a Jaguar. Wouldn't that make Steppanie part Jaguar, too? Well, yeah, it would, really.
..Theoretically. As you can probably tell, this was yet another attempt for me to restart the comic. It didn't work.

And yes, Steppanie is wearing a Lucky Star dress in this picture.
Ooh! Look at that.
Turns out that I did upload this elsewhere - remember the short move to Livejournal? This was the soul strip uploaded there, and it's got their species up, too. Here's the link:
I'm such a tease. I did this strip a while ago, when the original strips were still running. I just never uploaded it.

Mm.. I think this is the second version of this strip. I drew both at the same time, but the first had Martin Cornfield (Steppanie's father) in it. I cut him out at the last minute.

At the time, I knew the species of everyone. I only know Steppanie, Leppie, and Cassandra's species right now - Steppanie and Leppie are snow leopards, and Cassandra's a siamese. I aged Leppie up a bit in this strip; the cast page says she's 15.. I think she's about 17 here.

I Wish still isn't coming back, but I felt like uploading this. The original didn't have commentary.
Don't be sorry. Stupid Smack Jeeves wouldn't let me post it because it was over 500 kb, so I just resized it o3o. Here's the original.
xD Long story involving Caramelldansen and supposed video theft.

it's okay ^_^. I'll send the script soon~ take your time ^^.
o_O I don't know why it looked familiar then, 'cuz I've never played WoW xD.

And they're pretty ^_^ i'll send you the script soon. All I need to do is finish my 'Caramell Court' video (please don't ask) and mail off a package to someone, and I'll be good to go :3.
Yay~ thank you ^_^.
And I'm sorry! I'll send you a script tomorrow - I would do it now, but it is 10:24 pm over here x3.

Pretty avatar, by the way. Is it from IMVU, or something? It looks familiar-ish o_O. lol.
Hehe, I'm obsessed with Mystery Dungeon at the moment. I'VE FILLED TWO AND A HALF NOTEPADS WITH THE COMIC I'M DOING OF IT o___O.

..anyway ^_^''. More, please~? and I'm gonna scan in my fanart soonish ^^.
<3 I'm sorry. I'm just a lazy kitty XD. I'll get on the scripts... soon. Lol.

Couldn't be bothered to do filler art, so I just dumped in some art I scanned in a few months ago.
Yeah, sorry guys. I'll sort something out.. soonish.
But for now, enjoy the filler.
And so, I Wish begins again. I changed it a bit; still the same basic idea, introducing Panthera early, but not.
You may have noticed the note isn't addressed to Steppanie. Truth is, I was thinking of renaming her, first to Stephanie, or Steph, then to Amy. Originally it was addressed to her, as 'Amy', but I later decided not to change her name, and blanked out 'Amy', so as not to confuse.
I like this. It's just a little preview I did to tide everyone over until I Wish restarted. It's the three main characters of I Wish - Stella, Carly, and - of course - Steppanie. I had to piece the wording together, obviously, because it didn't resize well or.. something. I can't remember that much.
Update! Squee ^_^.
Anyways.. D: so sad!
*falls over*
I found this comic yesterday, and just finished reading it now :3.
Black Nya- I mean Meowth- is awesome x3. Seriously. It makes me want to do fanart.. Now.