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Comic maker. Sprite artist. Eligible bachelor. Future artist. What more can you ask?

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Deviantart: AlecTH
Mario Fan Games Galaxy: Raccoon Bros.
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    Regonald J. Crapstain VI
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Alright so I know it's been 8 months and stuff.

But I've been busy with a lot of crap. My birthday was a a couple of months ago, my brother's wedding, doing chores for people.

But if you've been following my Deviant art you would've realized I've been pretty active. So please follow:

I also have a tumblr now because I wanted to follow people so I figured might as well make it my art blog:

So here's a journal post from my Deviantart for some extra details I didn't bother to post here:

So don't consider Paper Luigi dead, consider it more on hiatus until further notice.

So follow my Deviantart and Tumblr and take care.
That's how Elvis died.
I love Archie Sonic, Mega Man and the Nintendo Power comic Super Mario Adventures. So this is very neat. +fav :)
Now to work
Now that this week is over, time to work on next weeks updates.
New update schedule
An update 2 days in a row? Whaaat!? SO yeah, 7 updates every two weeks. 1 week of Paper Luigi and 1 week of me working on the comic. Woot. Also, can anyone tell me what Chokey Chicken means without looking it up?
Took way too long on this. So yeah, an update. Expect more for the next few days.
This is starting to get weird.
Tea party engaged!
I'm still waiting for Pokemon Purple & Orange. You know, IF they ever make it.
Ah, Pokemon-itis.
I've officially upgraded to Gimp! I was eager to get this out and test my new abilities. So thus, an early update! Yay!
I'm a sucker for island survival stories. This should be fun.
Bad Habits
I really should stop giving deadlines for myself. So yeah I promised everybody on Deviantart that a Paper Luigi update was going to come out last week. Aaaaaaand it didn't. So here it is... finally.
I'm gonna feel sorry for the guy who's gonna get crap on his head during the trip.
September 20th, 2013
I just learned more from this comic than in regular school.