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*cheers* Wait he's drunk. *conflicted cheers*
@smudgeart: Yeah, I started crying on the phone with my sister then I randomly got a roommate and they showed up in my room and- yeah >_<
@smudgeart: Mine was two days, the first one was 10:00am to 9:00pm, then the second they woke us up at 7:00am via yelling at us and banging on our doors. -_- I wanted to choke a bitch, and I hardly ate because I was so nervous
@_@ Oh my god orientation... yeah. THAT was fun.
Aww don't worry though, take your time ^^ It gets stressful to do too much at once. You're doing great!
Does this mean the massive update ends? :o Noooo
@Nekonadia: Drawing porn? Typical summer for me. *twiddles thumbs*
@Nekonadia: aww now I feel all special ^^
cool characters
I like your art ^^
Oh, Leaglem I miss this comic when it's gone ;;
@leaglem: Yay~! It's ongoing so I hope u watch them all! d(^_^)b
@leaglem: Oh my goodness! *blushes* I'm so flattered! I hope you found the right channel though... I'm Rouge?
@leaglem: Thats funny because I just decided to do a let's play of that and realized your username was on it! :D
I have to ask...
This may be the most random comment- but did you do the art for a game called Rouge Cafe?
great to see this!
i followed this on the other site you posted on, but i lost the link when i had to reset my computer. great to see this up on smackjeeves! i love your artwork so much!