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Besides working on my webcomic I'm attending university where I'm hoping to get a Bachelor of Computing. I'm also a fan of science fiction and fantasy and have a healthy library of e-books.
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Thus ends the storyline
And this strip ends the storyline (only taking 10months to tell ;)). I also managed to get 3 strips done this week, we'll have to see what happens next week.

I also did do some house keeping for the site. I've updated the Bonus page as well as adding a transcribe button for the search feature. Feel free to put in transcriptions for comics that need them.
What's Going On?
You might be wondering what the hell's going on. I abandon the site for 10 months and suddenly post an update to the old storyline with no word? Well I did comment post a comment earlier today in the previous strip about my lack of updates (yeah, it only took me 10 months to explain that one), and this news post is to explain the new comic. So stop being so impatient and just read on ;)

When I first started The Queen's Land I started it with the hope of becoming the next popular comic. I thought about the ingrediants I needed to make a popular comic, which were:
* Set in Australia (Americans seem to love Australia)
* Had a stupid, horny protagonist
* Protagonist had an intelligent friend who plays the straight man
* Has a quirky pet
* A Steve Irwin rip-off (I'm a bit unsure what to do with her now).

Thing is though, even if I did have all the necessary ingredients, the purpose behind doing the comic was all wrong. You can't keep something like this going forever unless you love it. Or even longer then 3 months apparently. And I didn't love it, I just created something I thought would be successful. And so I gave up on the comic.

I've got the creativity bug again, and I've been thinking of starting a new comic. So finally today I checked out the old Smack Jeeves website and I checked out the old comic while I was here. And as I said earlier today (under the previous strip again) I was finding myself enjoying The Queen's Land. It was funny.

I've decided to start updating The Queen's Land once more, right where I left off (despite having lost everything from my computer related to The Queen's Land, I do remember where the story was going). I hope that this time I'll be doing it because I enjoy it, rather then because I want it to be popular. But we'll have to see. As such there isn't any set update schedule, it will be "as I get them done." So I might update 3 times a week. I might update once a week. This might be my final update ;) We'll just have to see.

So if you're new to the Queen's Land I hope you enjoy the archive, and thankyou if you decide to give me a chance. To those who once read The Queen's Land and have returned, wow! I'm amazed you're here after nearly a year with no updates. Thanks!
Rumors of a dingo eating me have been greatly exaggerated
Y'know when you make a promise, like say regular comic updates, and then break it? Then you feel like you can't come back so you just keep avoiding the place? That's what happened here.

So I just re-read the comics. I'd planned on not updating any more, to give up on Queen's Land. But I re-read them, and I actually found myself laughing at them. I enjoyed reading them.

So I have to ask myself, do I make more Queen's Land comics (although would any jokes about Stephanie Erron, a Steve Irwin rip-off, be in bad taste? I do know one thing though. I definitely shouldn't make any jokes about sting-rays. That would definitely be terrible of me. Very terrible). Or do I scrap the idea as "well it was an alright idea, time to move on."?

Oh and if you're reading this, thanks meeowth and killersteak for showing interest in the comic longer then I did ;)
Monday's strip
Well I went out yesterday and had a late night, so I didn't get a chance to do a strip this morning. I'll just skip this monday (hey! It was Christmas ;)) and have a strip up next wednesday. Sorry.
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas everyone (and to those who don't celebrate it, I still hope you have a good day). I was going to do a special Christmas webcomic myself, but Lyon of Something Different ( ) was kind enough to do me a christmas comic as part of the guerilla press secret santa, so I put that up instead. I did one for Fortune Cookie ( ) so check that out over the next couple of days for it. I had to read Fortune Cookie so I could do a strip for it, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. It's also just recently become a member of Guerilla Press and has begun updating as well, so it's definitely worth checking out.

I also just noticed that the banner is down, I should probably fix that (but it's Christmas today! That's a good excuse to be lazy ;)). It was a link to Penny Arcade's Child's Play charity ( ). No matter what you might say about the people doing Penny Arcade, they've got a great charity there and it's definitely worth checking out.

I'm off to go read my Melonpool books ( ). It's a great comic (even if it is on a temporary hiatus) so go check that one out as well.

P.S. Yes it does snow down here. But not during Christmas (as it's summer) and it only snows in the mountains.
Sorry about the delay. Had trouble with uploading it, which I didn't notice until now.
An Update
Well looks like the strip updated at 1:00 AM instead of 11:00 AM. That's what I get for uploading the strip when I'm tired (I did mean to do the strip in the morning, but inspiration hit me instead).

Today marks the beginning of a new storyline. I actually was going to run another storyline as my second one, but with it being christmas soon I didn't think it would be appropriate. So you've got this one instead.

Just a small update. I've updated the BONUS page with two methods on how to keep track of when The Queen's Land has updated. I personally use the Comic-Nation website to keep track of all the comics I read, but the Smack Jeeves method works as well.
December 18th, 2005
I hear it was a BIG success in Queen's Land though ( ;)
Good pick up meeowth! That's amusing I got every instance of Lou saying it correct, but messed up with the teacher saying it. I was almost going to quickly change it, but naah. I like it how it is.
Of course he is ;) Unless y'know, I've said previously he isn't. Then I need to decide on the sex :P But I'm pretty sure I meant for him to be male all along ;)
*chuckle* At least you can tell they're suppose to be thumbs ;) I actually realised this morning that I should have drawn the hands as well, but I had only JUST realised it, so it was too late. I also have a rule against going back and editting the pictures, otherwise I'd be at it forever. Live and learn.
Just in time
I got this done with a mere 15 minutes to spare before it had to go online. Why does it have to go online now? Well I'm pretty sure about now is 12:03 Wednesday in some places in America, so it seems to be as good a time as any. Besides which, it's 11:00 AM Wednesday where I am, so by uploading it now instead of midnight my local time, I can get up early on the day the comic is due and complete it.

Some people that haven't been as lazy as I, are the people over at Guerilla Press ( The people of the comics Mozhaets, Something Different, Tanatos, Immortal Severn and Iconoclast Inc. have banded together to form a great little collective. Before they banded I knew of Mozhaets and Something Different which were great comics, and I just finished reading Tanatos yesterday (instead of doing the comic like I should have been) and I have to say I enjoyed it thoroughly and would highly recommend it. They're a great little group, with the other two webcomics looking pretty good (I'll be reading them sometime soon), but they also look like they mean serious business with this webcomic collective. They're definitely worth keeping an eye on, because they might one day be as big as Dayfree Press or Blank Label Comics ;)
Actually I'm pretty sure they're still called dingoes whether it's wild or domesticated. However they are facing possible extinction, not due to predators or famine, but because they keep mating with dogs, which hadn't happened before the European settlers came.

The dingo is the only native Australian animal to be domesticated. However saying it's a native Australian animal is a bit dishonest. Although it's thought of as an Australian animal, it originated somewhere else and is believed to have been brought by people trading with the Aboriginals around 4000 B.C. It was able to populate the continent very quickly with the aid of the Aboriginals, with many tribes accepting the animal as companions. It's also thought to have killed off the Tasmanian Tiger. In fact, it was only until the European Settlers brought their sheep (who the dingoes found tasty) arrived that the dingoes became predominantly wild creatures in Australia.

At least, that's as far as I know. It's quite likely I'm wrong ;)
It Starts... again
Today marks the first new Queen's Land comic in a while, thanks to my previous host going down. If you're an old reader coming back, welcome and sorry for the brief hiatus before the site went down completely. I'm glad you stuck with me anyway. If you're a new reader welcome I hope you like the strip.

If you haven't noticed, the site has been updated slightly with the move. I've got vote and donate buttons along with a banner. The ads are to try to get some money so I can pay for things like a domain name and hosting (if Smack Jeeves ever goes down or I need/want a new host), and the donate and vote buttong are really only there, just in case some crazy person wants to vote for the comic, or some even crazier person wants to give me money. I certainly don't expect either to get used.

Some new features are:
* user comments (obviously) where you can talk about the comic itself or with each other.
* ability to e-mail the comic to someone.
* a search button where you can search the text of the actual webcomic.

So hope everyone likes the comic and stays around. As always you're more then welcome to send feedback to me at
Glad you liked it. That's the advantage of moving hosts, a whole new lot of people to sucker into reading my comic.
November 30th, 2005
Like Ashfield
I like it :) It's a lot like Ashfield ( if you've read it. If not, I highly recommend it.
The Queen's Land is back
Back towards the end of October I found myself inundated with school work, so the comic went on a temporary hiatus. However just as I had finished my assignments and was able to do -some- work with the strip, Gutterflycomix (where the comic was hosted) was hacked and eventually announced it was closing shop. So I decided to wait until I had finished my tests, and here we finally are.

I've moved the website onto the terrific host Smack Jeeves, although some features have been lost (such as the bare bones page which had nothing but the comic) and the forum. However some features have been gained, such as user comments beneath each strip and the ability to e-mail a strip to a friend.

Tune in next Monday for the following comic, I'll be going back to a M-W-F schedule and I'll be spending the next 3 months trying to build up a buffer.
Today's comic concludes our first week for our first storyline (although don't worry, it goes for 3 more weeks) and with it, our first glimpse of the newest cast member, Delia. We saw mention of her at the beginning of the week, when Lou was watching her move into her house across the street. I actually found drawing her quite difficult (her being female), but I do like how she ended up at least. Although her shirt was suppose to have buttons going down it, unfortunately when she was re-sized to fit the comic, they shrunk to nothing. As always, I'm more then happy to hear feedback, you can either e-mail me or post a message on the forum.
And today we can see our newest cast member, Daffodil the dingo. The screen at the back there is suppose to be a door, but it didn't quite turn out as well as I'd hoped. Still, it's a learning experience and I quite liked how Daffodil turned out today. I was avoiding drawing him because I was afraid it would be quite difficult, but I actually found it quite easy for a change.