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I'm Naomi,nice to meet you ~!I've been drawing ever since I could pick up a pencil.I enjoy writing and I can usually write a whole story in an hour.I also love drawing anything really but mostly I do portraits.
I usually do realism but I can do realism too.
I also have way too much spare time..
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I would like to join :< but is there any postions left?I really really would like to join in :>(There is no "searching co-founders button here so I cant apply to join :<)
Just readed the whole comic in one sitting,Im kind of upset its ended but it was fantastic good job :P
Sounds like rosario+vampire
Hey I just read your bio of this manga.From the bio it sounds just like rosario+vampire D:
Aww I love your style X,your couloring aahhhh so cute :) <3