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I'm a gamer that's tryin' to get into comics. I'm on deviant and enter Boredom's a sin... kill it...
Noooo... I'm so disappointed and happy at the same time
Oh yeah, didn't color them all to save space, too much color and it'd be too big
First comic Yay dance
Ai, someone else can make up what happens if they want to
Make it hilarious
Har har har
Bain Carter
6 ft
120 lb
African Descent
Bain Carter
He can't honestly pick what he wants to be
Pirate or Ninja
He's too jumpy and physically weak to be a pirate
But he's too happy and generally unruly to be a ninja
Loves Women, eating Coffee and spicy foods, listening to the worst kind of music possible, making it known that he's in the room
Hates Boredom, being out of the loop circle or missing out on a memo or two
Born to a pirate mom that works as a teacher and a retired ninja dad that spends his days fishing he's less a pirate or ninja and more a nuisance and constant source of noise pollution. His scarf does alot of cool tricks that generally include parachute mimicry, being big fists, and snaking their way to a cookie jar or two, but most of the time they just mimic his hands. He's almost methodical in his madness, being serious and mature one moment and then singing loudly about how he plans to take the coffee beans of the world and make a great cup a' joe.
Did I forget anything? Hope not
Second time you've said that...
My internet is back up and so I don't have to rely on pwnlil to upload pages

Thank God
those were of the top of my head, I need to learn how to draw a room
placeholder... I dunno what do I have to say?
Ai... I wanna join but there's no join button... so can someone send me an invite?
Yo, someone else can go, I'll have to drop to the end of the update list
Ai, you'll be usin' meowth
pwnt2j reporting for duty
the quality of my work may drop due to the temporary misplacement of my equipment
But I will have it in
This I swear!

lol, el tigre
I would say something about the character but I just finished spinning around in my chair so I feel a wee bit ill
September 24th, 2009
Kay, I'm not killing this comic
I just think I want to make an animated intro first
So, here's a slight taste of what's to come
Ai ai
sorry I haven't been around
put my name on the list please
Apologies and Info
Sorry for not giving some folks author permissions
I kinda forgot
And go join the Forum
Look up for the link
Story stuff
Everyone is trapped in a single apartment until all authors are accounted for
Everyone without a profile is to show me their party list
and I'll pick your pokemon
all with a trainer Card gets 1 pokemon of their choice after they make 3 acceptable comic pages
Anyone without a trainer after 2 weeks from now must make 5 pages

Still accepting authors