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i like to eat.
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Update please!
oh shit is locke hiding wings under his hair? are they clipped? IS HE GOING TO FIGHTEM? DID TIM GRAB LOCKE AT THE LAST SECOND? WHERE ARRE THEY FLYING DEAR GOD IM DYING TO KNOW
You have great art, people are killing to see what happens next and you just wait a whole frikking YEAR to update? You're sadistic! I wanna I see the goodamm shark boy! Sorry... It's just that some of us aren't so patient and we just wanna see all the characters - I still don't know shizz about shark boy or even what his name is, other then he looks hardcore- wait, lemme guess his name is URSULO! (see what happens when you no update?)
Post comics
Stop posting random pictures. This is a really good comic and by continually interrupting you're ruining your own story. Plus there'd be more updates on the actual plot of the story rather than random letters of appreciation that your fans will not appreciate. I'm not flaming you, or telling you what should happen in your story, just don't post things that don't make sense.
That buff guy looks older than my dad... Dude WTF, did he have to repeat THAT many years?
If all the girls were to be drawn with short hair, all of them would be looking like boys. Even prepikar.