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@Trinkuh: your comment xD omg
yea that pretty much sums up how i was gonna put it too
well looks like Sai stays on the Liberty :3
lol, cuz thats totally Sai's blood
lol, dat hair :3
and i go back to re-reading the page, bc apparently if i keep staring at it long enough it will magically produce the next part of the story...
i like things better in my world...
none of this 'waiting' and 'patience'
and now the dirty secrets come out to the light hehehe
where are the customers now xD their soap opra just got a whole lot more interesting
and the customers lose their shit xD
@lovelessbutterfly: your comment . . . xD
its sad bc that scene also really got me lol
@Scarce Rose: ohmygod you're a genius, that makes too much sense ohmygod X'D
its gonna be an awkward dinner o____o
the mystery of the multiple personality Kurogawa has been solved at long last.
Naoto, get yo shit together, log on to the game, and give us hot yaoi time with your husband!!!!!!!!!!! 0_______0 hnnnnnnnnnnn
you know you want him, and he knows he wants you.
And now we got some fondling!!! >:D
@Trinkuh: Your comment made me actually laugh out loud, lol. but now i wanna know who the others are...
Angry husband.
Chain. You might be making it worse, hun...
Haka isn't feeling any better...
@me: your comment about killed me lmao
thank god my mom cant see me lmao
(all things yaoi = /secret/ obsession)
@Spar Elric: that face X'D
Ohhhhh come on, they look beautiful \(^o^)/
Would they get together or kiss already?!?!?!?!?!?! (>人<;)
Your comment just seriously made my day xD
Yaoi gods ... Lol