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...Still trying to learn how to work this site... QQ;
And this is the last of the pages I have already finished owo;; I'll get to work as soon as possible, but chances are, there might not be an update tomorrow.

Well, tomorrow's a holiday, right?? Happy New Year you guys!
Might've went a little crazy with the stars ^^; flashback time coming up, haha.
@Estarflame: I use Paint Tool Sai for everything except the text.
@Estarflame: Well if you work hard, you can be lazy later!
Damn, I really don't like the way my old drawings look here :I Maybe one day I'll redraw it...
@Estarflame: From what I know, a decent number of people go into college without knowing what to do. It's not a bad investment, but I'm also not the best person to talk with about these sort of things!

I'd say just go ahead and do what your heart wants you to do! :3
@Estarflame: It's possible... My drawings haven't been the most consistent things these days ;w;''
Sorry for the delay!
Leave it for Kurtis to find a decent place to sleep... don't you know we all have a long trek ahead of us??

Might be able to upload a second page later today, I'll try my best!
If I drew them with more holiday spirit, I would've said something like-- Happy Holidays! But I guess my brain at 1AM couldn't process that. If anyone happens to want to try coloring it, I can send you the .sai file!

I was looking at the pages I finished sketching up a few months ago and I realized that the more I drew the characters, the older they looked so I decided to try drawing them actually looking their ages. Looks like I can, maybe I just gotta try harder.

By the way, the Angelina here is actually a part of Richard's dream, hence why Kurtis is restraining Robin, he doesn't want to get sucked into his dream.
@Estarflame: College is just what you make of it! It can be a little bit daunting at first, but it can be fun if you make the right friends xD Hmm, well, it's not all that bad. After all, if I only get one final and it's cumulative, that means I'll have to review a whole year's worth of material in a few days.
@Disturbed Goth: ...!
Oh man, I didn't see this until this late! My apologies! ><;

Well, for the time being, this story is on hiatus. I do want to continue it in the future, but there are some big internal plot holes that I have to fix first x)
@Estarflame: I'm in college so everything works a little different ^^; Like instead of a full school year, the year's split into two semesters. At the end of each semester we have our finals. Our midterms for the fall semester was around October.
Where did the time go?!
Oh, uh, hi... I'm...I'm alive.
I'm not really sure what happened the last few months. I guess time just passed without me knowing and before I knew it, school started and I didn't have a lot of time to draw.

I guess I'm just uploading this now because...I might as well? I have half of the chapter's line art done, but none of the tones are done. If anything, the chapter would only be continued after my finals are over, which will be after mid-December.

Sorry, everyone.
leave a comment on which you prefer?
Umm, you have until I put up chapter three to decide? If no one has an opinion, I'll just do whatever's most convenient for me.

In other news...
The characters page has been updated!
Chapter three is taking a long time to get done!
If I'm lucky, I'll be able to put up chapter four before summer ends. Not sure how that'll go...
@Estarflame: I think I understand what you mean.
...Ah, too bad I didn't think of that earlier! xD;;
@Estarflame: Well, according to google, Inception means "The establishment or starting point of something; the beginning."
(I didn't even know that...)

But, the joke is a reference to the movie Inception:
There, it means a "dream inside a dream."
About chapter three...
So last time I was drawing so much that it was bad for my health. I'm going to try and avoid that. Unfortunately, that means that it will take me longer to get chapter three out. I apologize, but there's not much I can do about it right now. Thank you in advance.
@Estarflame: Thank you! *w*
I hope I can continue making it look nice throughout the comic!
@Estarflame: A God, huh... Well, there might have been /some/ gods involved~ Hehe~
Thank you, haha. I avoided really bright colors cause it's a desert and was supposed to be "barren" and "dead" so I tried to tone the colors down a little bit to show that the sun can be deadly. o3o`;;
chapter two end!
To be honest, I looked at my thumbnail sketches and was like, I have to draw what?? Deserts I can deal with, trees too! But the original plan was to have an amazon forest like thing. ...Yea, that didn't happen orz
Hopefully this is still likeable, though! :)
Aaaand, this is the chapter end with the big reveal of what this place is. <strike>We meet again, embarrassingly awkward ending tagline /awkward laugh</strike>
Unfortunately, it will take a bit longer for me to get chapter three up, but I will make a proper announcement about that later.

Also, that awkward moment when your file exceeds the limit by just 10KB.