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So, he has the Eevee, a random Clefairy,Fish plus Dragonthing who is MIA. As long as he can bluff his way past this, I think he can win.
I never understood how it was recently discovered. Did all Magnamites in the world suddenly start taking attacks differently at the same time?
Glad he took it well.
Going out in a blaze of glory!
The Flag
Well the flag would be accurate if Minnesota was the latest state added.
Even he know what she went through/ is going to go through is going to be a nightmare.
While great, I don't think that will be enough to finish him. After all, he still had quite a bit of HP before that it.
Announcer: And the Pidgey goes down in one hit! What an attack from that Oddish!

What will the Rival Trainer's next Poke'mon be?
Announcer: And he starts out with a Type disadvantage! Did he intend this? Just what is he planning?
Announcer: Oh and she starts with her Ace! how will our challenger respond?
Well, Aqua man has a few attacks that might land some good hits. Let us wait and see.
Oh man, Joey has stepped up his game. Now he has a Ratacate and a Ratata.
I call Hax!

Now that it has been called, please continue.
Even with his newfound convictions, he still cant appreciate the beauty that is Fish.
Welp, from looking at those rings, Arceus isnt going to be pleased with what may pass.
@Covarr: I agree, George is one of my favorite Poke'mon. I never managed to catch one myself though. Atty is lucky.
Well, at least he is honest about his feelings.
That Anna has the wrong hair color! No wait, that's fur, never mind.
I shed a single manly tear for you Mr. Mach. You are a great character for the franchise.