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One of my greatest Hobbies is... to draw. I like the Manga style a lot. So I use that one in all of my works... ^^

Eeto... dunno what else to say... ^^;;
I hope you enjkoy my works, ne.
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Haha~~ I do like her a lot~~ XD
She can be so evil~ ^o^
Finally an update~~ I'm uploading it at DeviantArt too~~ Feel free to take a look~~ ^o^ Although at DA it's still Chapter 1... ^^;;

Antalu sure is weird~~ XD I love her for liking such strange things/ animals... XD Haha~~
Ah~ Doh...
Sorry for typos... T-T I went through it... but... I'm stupid... m(_ _)m
Gomen nasai... XD

Just in case you may ask... XD
I edited the note.. to be the first page of the second chapter... (^3^) *whiste*
It's been a long time... ^^
Finally new pages... XD
Don't hate me for being this late. Some things came up too. But until August Namtar is back with weekly updates... ^-^
Double Page
I know why I hate them... T-T
Making my life a pain.
But I like this page. Although the background is horrible... Argh... X.x
Shoujooo~... XD
Starts off pretty cute... ^^ Keep it up. Fighto!!! ^^