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Vocalist, artist, author, and cosplayer. Tricia is happy.
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For those of you interested, I did another speedpaint video on creating this background! Let me know if you want to see more of these :D

Jumping out of hiatus with an extra update this week! We will be resuming our normal Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday schedule from here on out :D

As an extra bonus, I recorded my painting process for this background. I've had a couple people ask how I go about designing and illustrating backgrounds, so hopefully this is informative. If not, there's pretty music at least~

Thank you all for sticking around, and hope you had a wonderful holiday!

Speedpaint link:
And thus concludes our cheerful afternoon with Asia. Time to see where our next seedling friend is heading off to!
@burningtyger: It's not really been a secret that the comic takes place in the Chicago area, but I guess now it's official ^_^ Chicagoland is the colloquial term for the greater metropolitan area, extending as far north as Kenosha, WI, as far south as New Lenox, and alllll the way out west past Aurora.

As both a Chicagoland native and the BG artist, I take extra care to draw these places as faithfully as I can ^_^
Meanwhile, in another part of Chicagoland...

(Holy shit guys, we're almost at 400 comics! Thank you for sticking with us and sharing in our story <3)
Hey there everyone! This weekend, we'll be appearing at TWO conventions! Alexis and Chelsea will be at Glass City Con in Toledo, OH. Meanwhile, I will be attending Anime World Expos in Lombard, IL.

The next place you'll find us both at the same convention will be Grand Rapids Comic Con on October 16-18. But if you want to meet us individually, stop on by and say hello!

My fellow imagibros and I all started work on this project at the end of 2012. We have all made significant improvements to our craft since the beginning. This particular chapter will be full of new artwork, including updated sprites by the lovely Alexis. LOOK AT THOSE SHADES.

Thank you guys for making this comic a delight to craft! We love reading all of your comments~
@Jones @ChibiSilverWings: and let's be real, asia needs all the help she can get in the talking to people department :3
@Deschia: If you're following it well enough, that means we're doing our job right! The source material is great, and definitely worth checking out if you get the opportunity, but we will explain everything you need to know within the context of the story, so you don't HAVE to know every inch of the mage book.

(Hell, I don't know half the stuff people talk about here in the comments, and we played for nearly two years)

Lastly, having metaknowledge about World of Darkness may not be a tactical advantage, as we are taking many creative liberties with the source material. After all, if you can just look up what things are, where would the fun of mystery be? :3
Amical is the best Greek goddess
@burningtyger: Pragmatism is a very good thing to keep in mind in World of Darknessland. Sentimentality is one of the leading causes of death when there are spooky things afoot!
Hey friends! Just a heads-up, we know there's a link issue in this update, and we'll get that fixed as soon as we can. Craig's laptop is currently borked, and the replacement battery/cord will arrive by Wednesday at the latest. We shouldn't have an issue putting up Thursday's update.

Thanks for your patience!
@Alexis_Royce: alexis why you gotta be ripping their hearts out like that
@burningtyger: Just to clarify, Chelsea is the one voicing our Independent lady :D I haven't done a voice for the official thing yet, though someone DID send Asia a voice meme ask awhile back.

If/when voices become a more regular thing, I will continue to voice Asia. Until then, please enjoy both Chelsea and Craig's hard work ^^
Hey guys! Just a heads-up that the next update will be delayed a few days, as I dive headfirst into finals week. As a result, I'm running a bit behind with the next series of backgrounds. (Of course, we COULD send our space mages into a void of nothing outside the car...)

Thanks for your patience, and **FISTBUMP OF SOLIDARITY** for all y'all going through exam week too~
Many apologies for this being a few hours late - chalk that up to me not following instructions and drawing the wrong thing, whoops.

so please, have a chess
@Don Quixotes: I love me some puns, but that was definitely our error. Fixed!
@Aslandus: damn how did you know her name?