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@ NtkGar

Hey Gar, 2 things
1. Have you ever considered going back and re-drawing the old comics in the new style? It's nice to see the evolution of your work, but I have to admit I'd love to re-read the archive in the current style.

2. You've answered this before but trawling through 1000+ comics to find the comments is a bit of a chore... I was wondering if you've considered printing the comics. I'd love to get my hands on a hardback of the, 'Things get Weird omnibus'.
Is that two people having sex by a train derailment?

And is that what you mean by 'How to get on TV'?
I like angry Maisy in panel 2.

And it certainly does look a lot like Author Gar!
Mighty Fuck Weasles! Why author Gar? Why!!!?

Did a creation of your imagination piss you off like the other guy and Jeff is now eternally drowning in a vat of flaccid horror cocks in the whitespace realm?
Not sure if I'm just being blind but I see no Bummy in this episode.
Hang on a Minute
Firstly - Gabe that's first time you ever made me laugh, well trolled.

Second - there's no toilet paper in that bathroom which makes that whole scene all the more disturbing...
Ignore Gabriel
Yeah clear and concise Gar. Made me lol too
I must say I am starting to miss White Space Neko. I feel that this strip would have been perfectly off-set by an inappropriate Neko comment.
La Petite Mort? seriously?
I don't know whether that genius or worrying.....
@ Niflare

Knowing McJefferstien those bags are probably full of Gar's underwear
@ Agen:

Found the bummy in Panel 1 and im pretty certain there is a discreet Bummy in panel 3 but i may be wrong and just letting my eyes run away with me......

Advencha sign on the bus? Doesn't that say 'Your Ad Here' ?
I started reading NtK in October last year. I was drawn here by an advert on the twolumps comic which made my day (the pay attention to me, I'm freaking adorable ad) and to this day i still believe its the best ad for a web comic i've seen. Made my way through the whole archive by the end of December.

So i would like to say thank you for making my evening shift work go that much faster (i sit at a desk and tell people what to do, huge bonus that my monitor is not visible to them)
Thank you for the cutes, the funnies, the Star Trek references and the downright weird. Its a pleasure to read your work. Cheers
Is Keno having a chat with the bummy?
@ kaiat
Well since I moved into a 6th floor flat i'm starting to think my 'view' may be wrong since technically the floors under me should not exists yet my flat continues to remain elevated.......

And thank you for the offer of a shinigami but i think im still amazingly alive, maybe a scientist would or mental nurse would be preferable at this time?
My mentality
I agree with Neko in this one, for I am of the belief that nothing exists unless it is currently within my periferal vision.........
@NtKGar: Oh yeah I know he's not still in the coma, I was referring to his proximity to a live hand grenade
Why do I have a bad feeling we'll be seeing Gar waking up in a hospital bed again?